The Secretary Who Had to Hold It
Part 4

(Female Desperation)

Written by David North

      Friday had rolled around, bringing to a close the most interesting week of my life. I could hardly believe that Kate had only been working with me for four days; we had covered so much intimate ground in that short time that it felt much longer. Fifteen hours earlier, she had sat on my life, her bladder full to near bursting, and she had allowed me to slide my fingers up between her thighs almost as far as her knickers. It was the ultimate fantasy of anyone who employs a good looking secretary.

      Kate's unusual predicament -- that of being unable to use the work lavatories until something was done to provide facilities for a female -- had to be unique. I had already taken steps to secure a portaloo, as the hideous things are known, but it would not be delivered until the middle of the following week. That meant another few days of watching Kate repeatedly deal with the urge to relieve herself and being forced to hold it.

      I tend not to fall for women easily, believe the old adage about easy come, easy go, which seemed to be true for many of my old school friends, many of whom were on third and forth marriages. I had married once, got divorced after three years, and remained adamantly single after that. Now, that could very easily change.

      Kate was a mixed blessing in that regard. It was one thing to flirt with a work colleague, but when this graduated to a personal relationship, the problem of nepotism rears its ugly head, something that would spell the end of what promised to be a great working relationship. Rationally, I knew that I should pull back and treat Kate in a more professional manner, but every nerve in my body was screaming, what if this is the one?

      It was, then, with mixed emotions that I drove into work that Friday morning. Kate's old VW was already in the car park, and just the sight of it sent a frisson of excitement through me. I took a deep breath just before stepping into the outer office.

      Kate swiveled her chair around to face me. She looked stunning: dressed in a red skirt and matching heels, she was a refreshing splash of colour in a room that was otherwise predominantly government grey.

      She beamed a smile at me. "Good morning, Mr. Denes. How are you today?"

      "Morning Kate. I'm just fine. What about yourself?"

      "Oh, fine apart from the usual." When I raised interrogative eyebrows, she added, "I've only been here half an hour and I already need to pee. Is there any chance that I could take a very early lunch today?"

      I considered. "Not too early, I'm afraid. I have a meeting with the trade union representative and two of the site workers this morning, regarding safety issues. I'll need to here to take the minutes."

      "Oh, yes. I completely forgot about that meeting. I don't even have it listed on my calendar. Of course I'll stay until that's done."

      "Thanks Kate. I know it's tough on you having to hold on for such longer periods."

      "But you're in no hurry to do anything about it?" she teased. Her tone was pleasant, but I wondered if there was a message hidden behind the banter.

      "I am doing something about it. The portaloo will be here on Wednesday."

      "I know," she said, her eyes tinkling with mischief. "I only meant that I know enjoy knowing that I need to pee and that I have to hold it."

      "I can't deny it," I admitted.

      "After yesterday evening, there wouldn't be much point."

      It was my turn to grin. "Hardly. I barely got any sleep last night thinking about that."

      "Really?" She straightened her shoulders, almost primly, and turned her chair back to face her desk.

      "Is that all you have to say?" I wondered.

      "Not all, no," she said, glancing at me around the back of the chair. "We could talk about it over lunch if you'd like?"

      "Yes, I would like."

      Before I reached my office door, Kate said, "Oh, that reminds me. My car has developed a funny engine noise, so I've asked someone from the RAC to come out and have a look at it. If he still hasn't been by lunch time, can we go in your car?"

      "Of course," I told her.

      I tried to settle down to paperwork, but my mind kept straying to thoughts of the sexily-dressed woman in the outer office, not to mention the fact that she was sitting out there with an uncomfortably full bladder, and all I wanted to do was massage her abdomen, and...

      I pushed the thought away. The shop steward, Ken Campbell, would be here with his cronies in another twenty minutes, and I still had several phone calls to make.

      I was about to make the first of them when Kate came in bearing a mug of coffee. "Thought you mind need this," she said as she sat the mug down on the mat on the right-hand edge of my desk. I noticed that she was holding another mug, and watched with unwarranted interest as she took a sip from it.

      "I thought you needed to pee?" I said.

      "I do," she confirmed.

      "Then why are you drinking coffee?"

      Her answer came in the form of a faint smile. "This meeting with the Union Representative --". She paused uncertainly. "Campbell," I supplied.

      "Right. Are they normally pretty bad? Lots of demands for better conditions and more pay?"

      "That's more or less it." I blew out my cheeks. "Today's will be worse than usual though, after Fred's little accident in the holding tank the other day."

      "Yes, I expect you're right." She paused and shifted her weight from her right foot to her left. "If it helps to get you through it, you can think about me wanted the loo as I take notes."

      "Oh, don't worry. That will never be far from my mind."

      Kate actually laughed. "You're very candid."

      "I could say exactly the same of you. I've never met a woman so uninhibited about discussing her bodily functions before."

      "Is that a complaint?"

      "Certainly not. It's very refreshing not to have to tap dance around all these issues."

      "Hmm. I think I shall be doing a very different kind of dance before the morning is over."

      "I can't wait."

      Kate folded her arms, feigning indignity. "I think that's my line."

      Just then, the door to the outer office opened and I heard Campbell call out, "Anyone home?" The cheeky bastard.

      "Come on in, Albert," I called back.

      Kate said, "I'll get my notepad."

      "Morning, Mr. Dean," Campbell greeted me as he stepped into the room.

      "Denes," I corrected him for what must have been the twentieth time."

      "I brought a couple of the lads with me," he persisted as if I had not spoken.

      I looked past him to see Andy Maybridge and Nigel Greene on his heels. "Kate. Would you bring in another chair," I shouted.

      A moment later, I heard her ask the knot of me to excuse her so that she could enter with the chair, having already anticipated the need for extra seating.

      "Thanks Kate," I said as she departed again, forcing my eyes not to follow her progress. This did not prevent Campbell and the other two from staring unabashedly at her legs as she walked away from them.

      "Sit down," I instructed them, just a little more sharply than I intended.

      Campbell shot me an affronted look, then her grinned momentarily as if he had divined the reason for my irritation.

      By the time they had managed to sort out who wan sitting where, Kate was back with another chair for herself. She positioned it in the corner, seated herself and crossed her legs with an audible rasp of her flesh-colored tights. Pencil poised about notebook, she then waited for the meeting to start.

      "The thing is, Mr. Dean," Campbell launched into his speil after a furtive glance at Kate's crossed legs, "the Authority has been informed a number of times now about the state of some of the equipment we have to work with here. Some of the guardrails almost qualify an antiques. They're not safe anymore, which is why Fred Lammas landed up in the effluent tank. It remains to be seen if he'll be out sick with any diseases as a result of swallowing that stuff. So, basically, I want to propose a list of changes to improve site safety, and..."

      Campbell's voice drones interminably on. It was the last in so many tedious meetings that week that I was burnt out on patience and diplomacy, and all I really wanted to do was march Campbell and his sidekicks over to the same effluent tank and push the lot of them into it.

      At the corner of my vision, I was acutely aware of the splash of red in the corner of the room -- Kate's short skirt. Other splashes of red: her high heels. One of those splashes of red was moving. I flicked a quick glance at her and saw that her right foot was twitching, the toe of her shoe waggling up and down, up and down. I thought about her full bladder, and how she would have to hold it for at least another hour, more likely two.

      The prospect of her mounting desperation made me react physically. I literally had to force myself to sit still and try to concentrate on what Campbell and the others were saying. Here and there, I offered what I hoped was a reasonably intelligent response, but to be honest, I couldn't even remember what he'd said five minutes earlier.

      As the meeting wore on, I was aware of Kate's fidgeting becoming more pronounced. She had reached the stage of uncrossing and recrossing her legs every few minutes, an action that did not escape the attentions of Maybridge and Greene, whose gazes snapped her way in unison each time they heard the rasp of nylon. It was like watching Laurel and Hardy.

      At one point, Kate met my own gaze, and I could see the silent plea in her eyes. She was becoming desperate for the loo and needed this meeting to end soon, or she would be in danger of wetting herself in front of them. I wasn't going to have that.

      I cleared my throat assertively, interrupting one of Campbell's diatribes about the Authority. "Ken," I said. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have an appointment with a local council official in less than thirty minutes, and I need a little time to prepare. Perhaps you could just give me your list of items, and I'll see to it that your requirements are made known to the appropriate personnel at Head Office. I agree that something needs to be done to renovate the older equipment and infrastructure on the site, and I will do everything in my power to requisition the funds to make it happen."

      I'd told him exactly what he wanted to hear, without actually telling him anything definitely. A politician's trick. He knew what I was doing, but I'd given up half my morning to hear him out, and he would now accept my vague assurance that something would soon be done. Etiquette had been observed for another month.

      Kate got up and the three men rose from their seats. They stood aside to let her precede them into the outer office, less out of gentlemanly courtesy than to have a final opportunity to ogle her legs. I got up and walked through after them just as Kate opened the door to let them out. She bade them a cheerful goodbye, closed the door, then abruptly swung around and leaned her back against the wood. She bent forward, thrust her hands beneath her skirt and jammed them against her crotch.

      "Oh my God! I was beginning to think I would never be able to hold it until they left."

      "It's obviously serious," I said.

      "I'm almost bursting. I have to take my lunch break now."


      "Since no one has been to see to my car, I hope the offer of taking me still stands?"


      "What about your meeting with the council official?"

      "I made it up to get rid of them."

      From her bent-forward position, she shot me an amused glance. Then she gasped sharply. "We have to get going right away. I'm nearly peeing myself."

      I rushed back into the office for my jacket, retrieved the car keys, then rejoined Kate. "Let's go."

      We walked along the gravel path to the car park, Kate taking small steps, her posture not quite erect. It looked as if the weight of her full bladder was trying to drag her forward onto the ground. I released the door locks as we approached, and Kate quickly clambered into the car.

      "Where would you like to go for lunch?" I enquired when we were underway.

      "My place," she said without hesitation.

      "Right. And after that?"

      "I can't think that far ahead. I just have to pee."


      She climbed into my car carefully as if even the slightest jolt would be too much to bear. As I slide in beside her, I caught her with her hands between her legs, the hem of her skirt pushed up. She was holding herself. She had to be incredibly desperate.

      As the car gathered speed, Kate said, "When we get there, do you want to come into the loo with me?"

      "Pardon?" I woondered if I'd misheard her.

      "You heard," she said, sounding a little short with me. I understood why.

      I discretely lowered my right hand from the steering wheel to pinch myself on the side of my thigh. Had I just been daydreaming, or had Kate really said what I thought she'd said? The pinch hurt. I looked at Kate, taking my eyes off the road ahead for so long that she actually felt the need to reach over and correct the car's wandering trajectory.

      "You're s-serious?" I stammered finally, sounding as if the first digit had fallen off my IQ.

      "If I can hold on long enough," she answered in a tight voice, her breathing presumably constricted by the strain of keeping her pee muscles taut.

      "Bloody hell," I whispered.

      "You want to, do you?" she asked, as if suddenly unsure.

      "Do dogs lick their own balls?"

      "Only the male ones," she said. As we both started to laugh, Kate's body spasmed. "Oh God, don't make me laugh or I'll pee all over your car seat."

      "Hold on," I said as I accelerated up to almost sixty, trying to get her home in time, but also hoping to God I wouldn't ejaculate in my pants before I got there.

      We came to a set of traffic lights and I was forced to stop. Beside me, Kate sat rocking her body back and forth, her hands rubbing her nylon-clad thighs. She moaned low in her throat, then hastily unbuckled her seat belt.

      "I can't wear that any more," she announced. "It's squashing me."

      The lights turned green and I pulled away, sweat breaking out on my brow and palms. My body was literally quivering with the anticipation of being in the bathroom with her while she pissed. I was so preoccupied with the idea that I didn't notice the police car behind me, not until blue and while lights began flashing in my rear-view mirror and a siren wailed -- just once - telling me to pull over.

      "Oh shit," I said as I indicated to stop on the side of the road.

      Kate looked over her shoulder. "Oh no," she whispered, and turned distraught features on me.

      "Better put your belt back on," I advised.

      She closed her eyes, pained at the prospect of reintroducing an external source of pressure on her abdomen. Nevertheless, she did as she was bade.

      "Sorry," I said.

      "Whatever you do, don't argue with them. It will only delay things more."

      "I know. Don't worry."

      One of the policeman arrived alongside my window. I pressed the button to lower the glass between us. "Good morning officer," I greeted him pleasantly.

      "Please switch off the engine and take the keys from the ignition, sir," he returned formally. I complied with his instructions. He resumed speaking. "Are you aware that you were doing sixty kilometres per hour in a 45 kph zone?"

      "Yes, I'm sorry. I was in a hurry."

      "Obviously, sir. Can I see your licence and registration document."

      "Of course."

      I opened the glove compartment and rummaged around for the registration paperwork, aware of Kate's knees bouncing just a few inches away from my face. God, I wanted to grab her thigh; to pull her close, but I forced my mind to focus on dealing with the cop.

      I located the document and handed it to him, then produced my driving licence from my wallet. He quickly perused both documents, then said, "I'm just going to run these through the DVLC computer. It will only take a few minutes."

      "I understand," I said as he walked off.

      "Oh my God. I'm about to piss all over your car seat. I'm really sorry."

      "No. Please try to hold it."

      "I am trying, but I've been holding it for so long I'm ready to explode!"

      I laid a hand on her right thigh and rubbed it up and down, feeling her leg quivering beneath my touch. "It'll only be a few more minutes," I soothed.

      Kate shook her head. "I want to hold it until we got to my place, but I seriously don't think I can. I'm starting to leak into my knickers."

      Without thinking, I slid my hand up her thigh, bunching up her skirt as I moved it higher until my little finger made contact with the crotch of her panties. I felt the wetness for an instant just before she pulled my hand away.

      "He's coming back," she whispered, tugging down the hem of her skirt to cover her upper thighs.

      The policeman reappeared at my open window. "Everything is in order, sir. I've written out a summons for speeding. You will receive notice to appear in court through the post. You will have the opportunity to pay the fine without appearing if you plead guilty to exceeding the speed limit, and driving without due care and attention."

      Where the hell had the driving without due care and attention come from? I opened my mouth to argue the point when, beside me, Kate let out a strained little grunt. I closed my mouth again and nodded to the policeman.

      "On your way then, sir," he told me, "and make sure you adhere to the posted speed restrictions in future."

      "I will, officer. Thank you."

      After closing the window and waiting until I was sure he could not hear me, I added, "Fuck you very much."

      Kate let out another sharp gasp and immediately released her seat belt from its buckle again. I started the car moving, glancing over repeatedly at Kate to find her sitting with her knees pressed together, rocking frantically.

      Her eyes grew wide with alarm as she met my gaze. "I can't hold it. I can't!"

      It was the previous day all over again. I could hardly believe that my life had taken such a dramatic turn into the world of pee desperation. "Just a few more minutes," I urge her, willing her to make it.

      I didn't dare speed again, but sticking to the posted limit of forty-five kilometres per hour meant the journey took that much longer. By the time I turned onto the final street, she was gripping the hand hold to the left of her head and lifting her backside off the seat, mouth open and breathing in loud gasps.

      "Oh my God," she wailed. "I have to pee!"

      "Nearly there, Kate."

      "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" she kept saying, her voice so constricted it was barely more than a squeak.

      I pulled into her driveway as I had done just the previous day, and Kate literally fell out of the passenger's side. I joined her as she ran, bent doublt, across the garage and into the house through the side door.

      As we stepped into her kitchen, she reached round and grabbed my hand. "Hurry up!" she pleaded, and tugged me across the room towards the door through which she'd dashed the previous lunchtime.

      She pushed open the second door on the left in the passageway beyond -- the bathroom. She stood in front of the toilet, turned to face me, then bent forward as she grabbed the hem if her skirt and lifted it.

      I didn't hesitate. I moved in and embraced her firmly, effectively pinning her arms to her sides. Instinctively, she tried to pull free; to go on lifting her skirt. Her mouth opened, but before she could frame an objection, I leaned in and kissed her.

      She was literally bouncing up and down in my arms, trying to say something through the kiss, but the sound was completely unintelligible. I kept my left arm around her waist as my right hand strayed down to her backside. I spread my fingers over her left cheek and sequeezed.

      She pulled her head back, ending the kiss. "No!" she yelped as I squeezed a second time. Her expression then became frozen and I caught the first wiff of fresh urine. I immediately released her bottom, and moved my hand around to her side where I encountered her pinned arm. Her fingers clawed at my wrist as I slipped past and thrust my hand between her legs in time to feel the torrent of pee jetting from her and poured down between her thighs.

      Her body sagged a little as she started to relax. Sperm seared its way along the core of my solid penis as I resumed kissing Kate, hot pee streaming over my right hand.

      I slacked my grtip on her body, and she brought up her arms to embrace me, pulling me close to her as we continued kissing. Her breathing suddenly became much faster and I actually saw her eyes roll back for a moment. I realized she was having an orgasm while still peeing herself. I had not known it was possible to cum and go at the same time.

      My ejaculation pumped what felt like a cupful of sperm out of me, the giddy pleasure ebbing as Kate's orgasm subsided. I ended the kiss this time, and she lowered her head so that her brow was resting on my right shoulder. She released a long, heartfelt sigh of a relief as the flow of pee finally decreased to a dribble, then after a final squirt, ceased altogether.

      "Do you think we've crossed the line with our boss-secretary relationship?" she asked, raising her head to face me.

      I looked at her for a moment, saw the corners of her mouth twitch as she suppressed a smile, then I burst out laughing. For perhaps a minute, we just stood there in her pool of pee, holding on to one another and laughing for all we were worth.

      When our mirth abated, I drew a deep, steadying breath and said, "When we get back to work, Kate, I shall need you to take something down for me."

      "I think it's a little late for that, Mr. Denes," she countered, and started up laughing all over again.

      Finally, I said, "I hope we can make things work at work. Um, well, you know what I mean."

      "I hope so too," she agreed, and reached up to kiss me briefly on the lips before adding, "I think I had better shower and change my clothes. Perhaps you would make us some tea and sandwiches. Just hunt around in the kitchen; you should find everything you need."

      I nodded, brushed her cheek with my fingers as I withdrew from her, and turned to leave the room.

      "By the way," she said just before I closed the door. "If you want to save on the expense of a portaloo, you can. I don't mind waiting until the main building is rennovated."

      "But that will be months," I reminded her.

      "I know," she said. "In the meantime, we can go on playing our game."

      I was tempted to pinch myself for a second time. Instead, I went back into the bathroom and kissed her again before finally leaving her to clean herself up.

      As I retreated to the kitchen, I felt as if I were literally walking on air.

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