Emma's Accident
(Female Desperation)

Written by DesperateNic
This story is © 2009 by DesperateNic.
All rights reserved.

      It was early on Saturday morning as Emma sleepily opened her eyes, excitement had woken her! Today she was on her second date with John and she had no idea where he was taking her... All she knew was that she had to be ready to be picked up by 9am. She rubbed her eyes and rolled over in bed. Oh God! It was 8:45am already. She must've forgotten to set her alarm!

      Emma jumped out of bed and rushed into the shower, combing and drying her hair at the same time as pulling on her tight blue jeans and jumper. She had been told to dress for the outdoors and wear something comfy. The jeans were a little too tight for comfort but it was a date after all so she wanted to look good! She finished it off with a pair of high heeled boots and hoped she wouldn't be tramping around the countryside sinking into mud. She was just zipping them up when she heard the sound of a car horn outside... Right on time it was John! Phew, she had made it!

      She skipped down the path and into the car, "Wow! You look amazing" John remarked; Emma kissed him and fastened her seatbelt, trying not to blush. "I got you a coffee, thought it was still quite early for a Saturday morning and you may need waking up" John chuckled, as he pushed an enormous takeaway coffee into her hand. Emma was grateful; she hadn't had time to have her usual Saturday morning wake up yet since she had been rushing!

      "Thanks, so where are we off to then?" Emma enquired.

      "That'll be a surprise when we get there" John replied as he started out onto their journey.

      Emma sipped away at her coffee and before long her cup was empty. She leant forward to place it back into the cup holder and felt a familiar uncomfortable feeling in her tummy. How can I need the toilet when we've only been travelling for 20 minutes, she pondered. Then she remembered - it had been such a rush this morning she had forgotten to pee before leaving home! Not a problem, she thought; I'm not desperate and I'm sure we're not going far.

      But 20 minutes later they were still on the motorway with no signs of stopping. Emma was enjoying chatting with John but her bladder was filling incredibly fast, not helped by the enormous coffee she now wished she had not drunk so quickly. She was deeply uncomfortable and began to fidget very slightly. Noticing this, John asked if she was okay.

      Emma panicked and replied, "Yeah fine just a little warm" not wanting to embarrass herself by saying she needed to pee.

      "Oh sorry I'll pop the air con on for you" John replied, and before Emma could reply an icy blast of air hit her and she shuddered, almost losing control she clamped her thighs together and squeezed with all her might, regaining control. That was close, she thought.

      "Are we far away?" She enquired, not sure how much longer she could hold it.

      "Yeah about 10 mins away" John replied as he switched the air con off. Emma breathed a sigh of relief. Her bladder was so full she was looking forward to relief. She could easily manage ten minutes more, so relaxed back into her seat she continued chatting to John, all the time aware of her rapidly filling bladder.

      Ten minutes later, John, true to his word, pulled off the motorway and into their destination: A theme park! Emma squealed with delight. She had always enjoyed roller coasters ever since she was a child! She leant over and kissed John. He grabbed her face and pulled her close for a longer kiss. Emma found herself twisted in the car seat with her tight jeans and seatbelt crushing her already full bladder. She was in terrible pain and longed to stand up to relieve the pressure. They kissed for what seemed to be an eternity to Emma, and as she felt John's lips on hers, she felt a surge of excitement pulse through her body. Suddenly, a spurt of pee escaped. She groaned and lifted her knee to close her pee hole, pulling back from John as she did so. He looked puzzled at her recoil, and once again she panicked: "I really want to ride the roller coasters!" she chuckled. "We'll save the kissing for the tunnel of love." With that, she unbuckled her seatbelt and stood up out of the car.

      Oh the relief. With her jeans no longer pressing into her bladder she was marginally more comfortable and able to hold it, although she could still feel the weight of her now overfull bladder pushing down and urgently needed to go.

      "Ok," said John, grabbing her hand and leading her to the entrance. He had already paid for the tickets so they went straight through into the park. Emma was grateful that she had not been forced to wait in the long queue at the gate, given her state of desperation.

      She looked around frantically for the toilets, spotting the sign straight ahead she began to make a beeline when John pulled her back. "Hey, the tunnel of love is this way!" he said, keeping a firm hold of her hand and leading her toward the ride. Emma glanced longingly at the toilets and back at John.

      "There's no queue. Qe'll have the whole thing to ourselves!" he winked. She was far too embarrassed to admit her predicament, and in any case if there was no queue she'd be in and out and able to go afterwards!

      Still with a firm hold of her hand, John ran towards the tunnel of Love ride dragging a desperate Emma behind him. Every step jolted her bladder and caused her agony but still she remained silent, not wanting to embarrass herself on her second date with the lovely John. She wasn't a schoolgirl after all and could hold surely her bladder!

      They entered the dimly lit entrance of the tunnel off love, rounded the corner and passed through the turnstiles which managed to press right on Emma's painful bladder. She winced and gave it a rub, feeling how swollen and hard it was, and making herself groan again. Fortunately, John didn't hear, and his eyes were fixed elsewhere...on the huge queue of people ahead of them!

      By now Emma was bursting at the seams and not sure how much longer she would be able to hold it without making it obvious. She was already struggling to stand still and was in enormous pain.

      "Hmm, shall we come back later?" she suggested, "I could do with the loo anyway," she added casually, as if there was no urgency. The truth was she hadn't been to the loo since going to bed the previous night, and then she had drunk that enormous cup of coffee. She was about to explode!

      They turned and began walking back, but (oh no!) the turnstiles only went in once direction! Once you were in there was no getting out! Emma was dying to pee, desperate to ram her hand into her crotch and hold herself but trying so hard to remain in control. "Oh well" John sighed, "looks like we're stuck with the Tunnel of Lurve."

      As he said this, he tickled Emma round the waist and grabbed her tight to cuddle her and kiss her neck. She squirmed and struggled as the tickling caused her body to tense and squeeze her bladder. "STOP", she blurted out. "I'm bursting for the loo! I'll wet myself."

      She felt her face go hot and knew she was blushing. She crossed her legs tightly and bent forward staring at the ground, too embarrassed to look up at John. He placed his finger under her chin and lifted her head up to look him in the face.

      "Why on earth didn't you say something?" he asked.

      "I was too embarrassed to admit it," Emma replied in a strained voice as she wiggled her legs together in an attempt to hold back the ocean of pee inside her. "I really have to go. This is so embarrassing." She pressed her hand between her legs, attempting to gain some relief in order to be able to stand still. She groaned and shuddered as she felt her muscles spasm.

      The queue was moving fast and soon they would be in a boat, "Can you hold it just a few more minutes?" John asked. He looked so sympathetic; he could clearly see her pain.

      "A few more minutes?!" Emma gasped, "It'll be way longer than that. We have to get all the way around the ride and back out again. Oooohhhhhh I can't hold it any longer" she squealed as she bent double and crossed her legs. She squatted down and pressed both hands into her pee hole. "I can't stand up any more. These jeans are too tight and I'm bursting to go! I can't hold it John!" she pleaded; her embarrassment had almost vanished now. She was past caring and was keen to avoid peeing herself and everyone seeing her wet jeans.

      By now the queue before them had vanished and there was a boat waiting for them, John helped Emma up and guided her to the boat, sitting down he patted the seat beside him and helped her in, stepping over the edge she could feel a spurt escape and quickly threw herself on the seat bouncing fiercely up and down as she did, squeezing her thighs together and pressing her hand into her pee hole hard. She was shaking with the effort and the pain was so tremendous she thought she would pass out, "Oh I can't hold it I need to pee now! She pleaded, John moved to the seat opposite as Emma began to unbutton her oh so tight jeans to try and gain some relief, she began to massage her swollen and rock solid bladder, "I feel pregnant it's huge!" she remarked as she ran her hand over her bulge "Let me see" John remarked seeming excited, Emma was in too much pain to notice, she tentatively stood up and turned sideways she was unable to stand straight for the pain but the bulge of her bursting bladder could clearly be seen, she crossed her legs and went to sit down when John grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him, he started to slip her jeans down and searched for her knickers, Emma blushed again "I must've forgotten those this morning, it was quite a rush, I didn't even have time to pee!" she explained.

      John leant forward and kissed her now exposed bulge, as his lips pressed on it Emma groaned "Oh please don't' I have to pee so badly I'll burst!"

      John looked at her sympathetically. "I can help," he said, "but you HAVE to trust me." Emma nodded; she really couldn't hold it ANY longer she was almost bent double standing in the boat with her legs firmly crossed, her thighs trembling. She could barely breathe and daren't move any more.

      "Okay, stand up I'm gonna pull your jeans down to your knees," John ordered.

      "WHAT?!" Emma gasped. "What about the cameras?!"

      "I used to work here many years ago. There are no cameras till we get around the next corner," John explained.

      The sound of water around Emma was too much to bear and she could feel herself losing control. She felt tears sting her eyes; John pulled down her jeans and lifted her onto his lap facing him, one leg either side of his body.

      Emma screamed in pain. "What are you doing?!" She cried. "I'll pee all over you! I can't hold it in!"

      With that John opened his knees and Emma's bottom slipped down between them. The pained expression on her face became frantic.

      "Oh I'm gonna pee. Please, I don't want to pee over you." She began to cry. John leant forward and kissed her, placing his warm hand on her bladder, gently massaging as he did. Emma groaned hard then shuddered. A splash of pee hit the wooden boat as Emma groaned again, this time with relief. "Oh, I'm so sorry I just couldn't hold it" she moaned as she sank her head into his shoulder, John kissed her neck and lifted up her head. He Kissed her even harder as the pee continued to hit the boat below their feet.

      "Right you need to stop or else our tunnel of love photo will be you peeing on me" he chuckled.

      "What?!" Emma was still bursting to pee and doubted she could stop. She squeezed her lips shut but still the pee escaped. She pulled her thighs together as much as she could since she was straddled over John. Eventually she was back in control but still full to the brim, she pulled up her jeans but was unable to button them to placed her hands over the waistband, she leant over to kiss John just as the flash popped! Wow! That was close! The next few minutes of the tunnel of love felt like eternity as Emma's now semi relieved and exhausted muscles struggled to hold back the remaining flow.

      John took her mind off it by explaining that seeing her pee like that made him feel so hot, he asked if she would mind holding her remaining pee for the rest of the day, and he would make it worth her while when they got home. She smiled and kissed him. He was dying to pee so agreed that if she was allowed to let a little more out in the loo, she would hold the rest until they got home.

      Six hours later Emma was bursting again, after another drink at lunchtime had worked its way down to her bladder, "Ok John I need to go home now or else I won't make it" she complained

      "One more ride" John pleaded.

      Emma nodded reluctantly. Fortunately the queue wasn't too long but by the time they reached the front Emma was clicking her heels on the ground shifting from foot to foot, "I can't make it home John. I need to go after this" she gasped in desperation.

      John nodded. He knew she was tired!

      Finally it was time to board. Emma almost cried when she realised her legs would be dangling in thin air, and would be separated by a saddle-like seat. She badly needed to squeeze her thighs together so this would be torture. John grabbed her hand and smiled.

      "John, I am BURSTING and seriously about to wet myself," Emma gasped.

      The floor fell away and her legs were forced apart. Emma groaned loudly and tried to lift her legs up to get her thighs squeezed. "Oh God. It hurts to hold it! I can't do it I'm gonna pee I need to get off!" Just then, the rollercoaster shot to a start and there was no choice but to hold it...

      Midway through the ride Emma was in trouble. Her muscles were shaking and she was struggling to hold on as the force of the ride pushed her back into the seat. She closed her eyes and concentrated hard, clenching her muscles tightly and trying to hold back, biting her lip in utter desperation. It couldn't be long left now.

      She was bursting at the seams and longed for relief. She was planning her dash to the loo and concentrating on how nice it would feel to empty her aching bladder, when the coaster rounded the last corner and a huge dip jolted her bladder...

      Emma grabbed John's hand. "OMG! I'm peeing! I can't stop it" she squealed.

      Eventually the ride stopped and Emma waited for everyone to get off before waddling out. Her jeans were soaked, and even her boots were squelching with the volume of pee that had escaped. Thankfully the park was fairly empty and she managed to get back to the car without too many people noticing. She sure felt relieved although her bladder ached, and she vowed in future to take spare clothes when going on dates with John!

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