Desperate to P at the U
(Female Desperation)

Written by Desperation Lover

      Lynne's professor had kept the class a little bit longer than she expected. Her next class was on the other side of the campus, so she had a lot of ground to cover in the seven minutes she had before her next class. However, getting to class on time wasn't Lynne's only concern at this point. After an hour, and drinking over a liter of water, Lynne needed to go to the bathroom. It wasn't anything too serious at this point, but she needed to pee bad enough to know that it wouldn't be wise to go to her next class before emptying her bladder.

      Lynne finished putting away her notes and rushed out of the classroom in order to get to the next building with some time before class started. She now only had five minutes. She finally got to her building with only three minutes to go before class started. There was a line for the women's bathroom that went out well over twenty feet. There must have been at least 30 young female students waiting in line to relieve themselves. Lynne knew there was no way she would be able to find another bathroom before class started, so she reluctantly walked up the stairs to get to her next class on the second floor.

      Lynne barely got to class on time. Her physics professor was not very tolerant of tardiness, and he would even lock the door three minutes into class for people who were later than that. Lynne made it to the door 2 minutes and 55 seconds late, as the professor was already going to shut the door as she came in. She found a seat in the lecture hall near her usual spot, near the back of the hall. Lynne immediately opened her notebook and started jotting down the words of the professor as he rambled on about the properties of light waves, hoping that it would take her mind off her need to release her urine until the end of class. She didn't even want to take this class, but it was the only science class left that would cover her required courses.

      Ten minutes into the class, Lynne was really starting to feel the presence of her rapidly-filling bladder. She couldn't even concentrate fully on the class anymore. She had to devote at least 30% of her efforts towards keeping her distended bladder in check. Unlike her previous class, physics met for an hour and fifteen minutes. This meant that there was still over an hour left to go in the class, and Lynne could not afford to miss any of this material, as she was having enough trouble understanding the concepts as it was. Fifteen minutes later, Lynne was crossing her legs and she rested her left hand on her thigh. She wanted to give her pussy a squeeze so badly, but she didn't want anyone to see her, or confirm to anyone who could see her that she was quickly becoming desperate to pee.

      Forty-five minutes into class Lynne was really starting to doubt her ability to hold in her pee until class was over. She was now crossing her legs very tightly. She had to pee so badly, that even her tight leg-crossing wasn't doing very much to ease the pressure anymore. She was crossing and un-crossing her legs every few seconds in a desperate effort to take some pressure off her screaming bladder. It was a hot summer day, and Lynne was wearing a red, white, and blue American flag-patterned mini skirt with a white tank top and her new pair of high-heeled shoes. With thirty minutes left in the class period, Lynne didn't care about taking thorough notes and absorbing all the rambling words of her professor anymore. She acted like she was still taking notes and paying attention, but both of her hands were pressed down on her tightly clenched and bouncing thighs. "Oh my God, I have to pee so bad," she muttered to herself. "They really need to have more bathrooms available for the ladies on this campus," Lynne said to herself in frustration, and a bit of panic. It was really hot in the classroom, so Lynne took another couple of gulps out of her second liter of water. Lynne had now consumed 1500 ml of water, combined with the Starbuck's Cappuccino she had before her first class. Another female student suddenly tapped Lynne on the shoulder from the seat behind her.

      "Are you ok?"

      "Y-y-yeah....I'm fine," Lynne answered.

      "It looks like you really need to use the bathroom."

      Lynne finally acknowledged that someone else had noticed her tight and frequent leg crossing and her sexy bouncing thighs as unmistakable signs that she was desperate to pee.

      "I really gotta go...I'm bursting," Lynne acknowledged.

      "I'm not doing much better than you. I almost got to go pee during the last break, but the water main broke for the bathrooms, and now none of the bathrooms in this building work."

      "You can't be serious! I can't make it all the way to the library to go pee. I feel like I'm gonna pee in my skirt right here." Lynne's voice now shrieked with panic and fear of humiliation.

      "Me too. I'm Amy....what's your name?"

      "I-I'mmm L-l-ly-nne," Lynne replied, her whole body shaking under the tremendous struggle of holding in the contents of her bladder.

      "There is only fifteen minutes left in class. Only a little more time before we can make a dash for the bathroom."

      Lynne did not respond. She doubted she could wait that much longer. She very likely had 1750 ml of liquid that were accumulating in her bladder and screaming to be released. At this point, Lynne started packing her notes away with one hand while she jammed her right hand under her star-spangled skirt to squeeze her throbbing girlhood. The pain was getting intense now. Lynne could feel the sting of her bladder trying to relieve itself, despite her incredible efforts. Amy had her notes put away and had moved a little bit closer to the door. She was doubled over in her seat, and had both hands thrust into her nether-region to assist her distressed urethra in a desperate struggle to keep her own floodgates from opening.

      With five minutes left in the lecture, Lynne gazed over at Amy. They both decided without saying a word that they had to leave immediately or they were both going to be embarrassingly wet by the time class was dismissed. Lynne couldn't think of another time she had to pee so badly. She was normally so good at planning out her trips to the bathroom so that she wouldn't get caught in a desperate state, but this time the odds were definitely playing against her. Amy was the first one out the door, and Lynne followed closely behind. The hobbled out of the building as fast as they could, but going down the stairs almost proved to be too much for Lynne.

      "MMMM," Lynne moaned. "I just lost a dribble in my panties. I'm starting to wet myself."

      "C'mon Lynne, you can't lose it now," Amy said. "We can get to the library before the classes get out if we hurry so that we don't have to wait in line. Don't pee anymore, or you're gonna make me piss in my panties and skirt, too."

      Half way to the library, Amy was forced to stop. She lost control for a second, and started peeing into her white bikini panties. She was doubled over with her right leg crossed in front of the left and her hands pressing against her pee hole with all her might. Lynne looked at her in shock, but took a slight bit of comfort in the fact that her new friend needed to pee as badly as she did, and had started to lose the battle. Lynne took this stopping opportunity to re-double her efforts, as she felt another squirt of urine escape into her white thong panties. This time her thong couldn't absorb any of her urine, and six droplets appeared on the ground between her legs, and a couple of drops were running down the inside of her left thigh.

      "Oh shit, I'm starting to lose it," Lynne squealed. "I'm about to wet myself like a little girl." Lynne was so ashamed and in so much pain that she was starting to cry.

      "Lynne, pull yourself together. I am starting to wet myself, too. We're almost there," Amy replied, noting that the library was now less than 100 yards away, and the bathrooms weren't that far away from the entrance.

      Lynne and Amy saw that the classes had started getting dismissed, so they hurried the rest of the way towards the library as fast as their bladders would allow them to hobble. They both made it to the entrance of the library, but both of the poor young ladies had both hands jammed against their crotches in a last, desperate effort to avoid soaking their skirts and underwear. A male student opened the door for them. It was obvious to him, or anyone else who looked at these two lovely young ladies that they were both at the end of their ropes in desperation, but that didn't matter to them anymore. Five young ladies made their way into the bathroom, obviously needing to pee quite urgently, although they were still able to muster enough control to get into the bathroom without doubling over or jamming their hands against their crotches on the way in. There were four stalls already occupied, so all eight stalls were being used, and one of the five girls that went in was left out of a stall and was forced to wait her turn to pee.

      Amy and Lynne both made it inside the bathroom....salvation at last for their aching bladders.....or so they thought. Lynne saw the girl waiting outside with her thighs pressed together, doing curtsies every ten seconds or so and crossing her left calf behind the right. She also had her hands rammed down her shorts. At the sight of this, Lynne lost control for almost five seconds, unleashing a powerful jet of pee before barely regaining what was left of her control. The damage was done, though. The jet was powerful enough to leave a noticeable wet spot on her All-American skirt, and the stream came out as a spray from deflecting off her squeezed and aching pussy lips on the way out.

      Amy had lost control and wet her shorts less than a week ago. She saw the girl desperately trying to contain her pee in line, waiting for a stall to open up. The poor girl was forced to listen to the hissing streams of eight other female students as they emptied gallons of urine into the toilets they sat on. Amy was not going to have this happen to her again. She scurried out of the ladies room and dashed across the hall to the men's room. She pulled her skirt up and ran towards the nearest stall, lunging towards the door to force it open. The stall was locked. Amy was in a state of panic, her desperation so severe that she was becoming light headed, almost to the point of fainting. Amy's legs were trembling under the pressure of needing to pee so badly. Amy knew there was only one option left for her to save herself before wetting her skirt and panties. She hobbled towards the nearest urinal with all her might, but as she neared the urinal, her bladder control failed again. A weak, but steady steady stream meandered its way out of her tortured body for four seconds. Amy's pulled her panties up into her crotch as hard as she could and quickly jammed her hands against her pee hole. Amy turned around to face her beautiful bum towards the urinal. She had to remove her hands from her crotch to pull up her skirt and remove her white bikini panties, and she knew that she was going to lose a little more of her pent up pee before she could get her clothes completely out of the way. Before she could even get into her squat over the front of the urinal, a powerful jet came hissing out of her aching pussy, no longer able to contain the liquid stored between her long, sexy legs. Amy gloriously peed for nearly two minutes. However, two male students came into the men's room while she was peeing, her skirt up and her panties hanging around her ankles. Amy instantly crossed her hands in front of her smooth, shaved private area, but she knew that this lucky guy had already gotten a show that he would not soon forget. The two young men watched her release the rest of her pee into the urinal, obviously turned on by a sexy young lady who was desperate enough to use the men's room. They both got a very clear view of Amy's most private area for about seven seconds as an added bonus.

      Meanwhile, in the ladies room, Lynne was desperately waiting in line, hoping against all hope that two stalls would open so that the girl in front of her and herself would be able to relieve their overstretched and exhausted bladders.

      "Hurry up, I'm peeing in my panties!!" Lynne desperately wailed. "I'm having an accident right now, please let me in, I have to pee so badly!"

      After listening to the first eight young ladies relieve themselves for fifty seconds, one of the girls came out of her stall, and the young lady in line rushed in and opened up her floodgates immediately, barely avoiding pissing in her tight, form-fitting jeans. Lynne started leaking again, this time for eight seconds. She was crying at her own humiliation and the realization that she was wetting herself. Her thong was soaked, as well as her sexy, patriotic mini skirt. Streaks of urine were making their way down her legs and onto the tile floor of the bathroom. A second girl flushed the toilet, and that was the last straw. The sound of that flush was more than Lynne's poor exhausted bladder could bear. Lynne finally lost all control of her bladder, and the pee started thrashing out of her stinging and aching pee hole. Lynne was peeing all over the floor and the jet from between her legs was so powerful that there were drops going all the way up to her knees from the impact they had on the tile floor. The girl that flushed the toilet exited the stall and witnessed Lynne's humiliating wetting in shock. She got out of the way of the quickly expanding pool to avoiding getting her shoes full of accidentally escaped girl pee. Now that Lynne had lost total control and wet herself beyond any doubt, she sheepishly made her way into the vacated stall, pulled her skirt and thong down in one fluid motion and resumed peeing. At least she had managed to cut off the stream long enough to pull her skirt and thong down, not that it mattered at this point. She continued to urinate into the porcelain bowl until her stream finally weakened into a trickle and finally stopped. Lynne was now able to examine the extent of the damage. Her entire lower body was soaked, she made a mess of the bathroom floor, and anyone who looked at her would know that she had had wetting accident.

      Lynne may have wet herself, but at least she didn't become a fantasy-come-true for two lucky male students like Amy had. Lynne and Amy became close friends after this experience, and both of them now definitely knew their holding limits. Both young ladies helped each other plan trips to the bathroom better in the future, hopefully preventing another adventure like they had today.

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