Desperate Challenge
(Female Desperation)

Written by Veronique
This story is © 2009 by Veronique.
All rights reserved.

      I was out in a bar with some friends and I decided for myself that I would not go to the toilet until I would be at home. I like this kick.

      I started with some beer and after the second one I switched to cocktails because I felt the big amount of liquid was filling up my bladder.

      At about ten o'clock I really had to pee and wondered if I would be able to last until the end. We were talking and laughing and I was distracted a lot. But more and more I had to handle a growing discomfort and tried to find out a position which was more pleasant. However one thing was clear, I wouldn't be able to hold it until we would leave. There was absolutely no chance because it started to hurt now and I knew that maybe the next half hour I would have to go.

      But I tried to stay a bit longer. I rested my arms onto the table and brace my weight to take pressure from my bladder. I crossed my legs but there was not too much space and I found out that this was more uncomfortable than sitting normally. I had to bend over a bit and now it became really hard to sit without my hands resting on the table taking weight off my bladder. I uncrossed my legs again and tried not to drew any attention on me. I had problems now to follow the conversation and sometimes I heard my voice tremble a little. Beside this I felt the effect of the alcohol I had consumed.

      My need to pee was now a constant pressure and also painful, so I prepared myself to leave the table and go to the toilets. Now I had some cramps form time to time and I knew that standing up would become even more painful.

      Also I had to ask one of my friends to let me out. After a big spasm of my bladder my need seemed to be more controllable and I asked him to stand up. I raised and the pressure was enormous like I had expected. I had problems to straighten up and grabbed my waistband to pull it away from my abandon and pulled my jeans up. I think I did this very discretely and I tried hard to look relaxed but inside my bladder was throbbing. I walked towards the door of the corridor leading to the toilets and couldn't resist bending at my waist a bit. I tried not to look frantic but I was. The additional pressure caused by standing was nearly too much for my sphincter and I had to pull my jeans up in order to press a bit between my legs.

      After I had walked through the door and I was out of sight I tried to fasten a bit and grabbed my waistband for support. I rushed into the ladies and thank god all stalls were empty and so I jumped in the first one and started to pee immediately. Not a second to early I thought to myself. I took a long pee and it was great relief. Then I went back to the table and continued drinking.

      Two hours later I felt really drunk and also I had to pee again but didn't want to. Now my habits became less careful and sometimes I put my hands under the table between my legs and gave myself a little squeeze. By the way we had much fun. I was sitting there desperate to pee for maybe another hour, I can't remember exactly, but I can remember that at the end it became really uncomfortable to sit because my jeans was tight and my bladder expanding.

      At about one a.m. I decided to go pee soon because I felt my ability to hold was fading away. But then one of my friends left and offered me to take me home. I was really drunk and felt that it would be wise to go home now and so I agreed also glad about the challenge to hold it until home. I said goodbye to the rest and stood up to follow him out. Standing was like before a big torture but I managed somehow to get out. The fresh air amplified the effect of the alcohol and I really had to concentrate on walking. Luckily he had parked his car nearby because my bladder was bursting and I had one hand in the pocket to help myself somehow. As we reached the car and he searched his keys I put the second hand into the pocket and tried to press between my legs with strength. I wondered if it was a good decision not to go in the bar but now it was to late. I looked around if there was some place to hide and squat down but the car opened and I climbed in.

      It was a ten minutes ride and I tried to calm myself down but I was becoming a bit frightened. I put my bag onto my lap and so I was able to put one hand under it and hold my crotch and massage my bladder with my thumb. I would have been able to hold my pee without that, but it was so much helping that I couldn't resist. Besides it was dark and I covered it with my bag and he had to concentrate on the street. We talked about one guy at the bar and so time went by fast and we reached my flat soon. We were into the talk and so he stopped the engine and clearly wanted to keep on conversation. I tried to cut him short because now I was absolutely dying for the loo and wiggling my legs constantly.

      Now that he didn't drive he noticed my movements and asked if I was okay. I told him I was fine but would need a toilet badly and so we stopped talking. I opened the door and had to take my hand out of my crotch and got out of the car. I really ached for holding myself but braced myself and walked to the entrance. I wasn't able to walk upright anymore and had one hand deep in my pocket. I fumbled for the keys, opend the door and walked in. I had to climb the steps now and this was nearly unbearable in my constitution.

      With every step my bladder screamed because pulling up the leg caused less space inside my body. I tried to draw more weight onto the handrail but this didn't help much. After a few steps I had to pause because I really feared to wet myself. I opened the waistband of my jeans and continued pulling myself up at the handrail with one hand and the other desperately at my waistband to pull my jeans up.

      I reached my floor and tried to hurry. I had trouble with the keys at my door because I was drunk and absolutely frantic now. I opened the door, kicked of the shoes what caused onother spasm of my bladder and rushed to the bathroom.

      On the way a get a glimpse of my laptop and it I stopped. Now inside my flat I was feeling more save and decided to pull it on and look what's going on at the Bound2Burst message board. I sat down only to find out that it hurt and so I stood up again resting my elbows on the table and waited until the computer had started. I had to shift my legs and again grabbed my crotch to support my sphincter. I was really dancing and desperately begging my computer to hurry.

      I looked at the topics and found a few new posts. So I forced myself to read them. I opened the zipper of my jeans because my bladder had exposed so much that also the open waistband was tight now. This was short relief but the need to pee was so massive now that this didn't profit anymore.

      I found one post to the so called experience project website and replied something. I am used to type with ten fingers but now was too drunk for it and also had my left hand now constantly between my legs. I had to pee so bad now that I could hardly focus the screen. I typed my reply and had to stop a few times to hold my breath at absolute last aid to prevent me from loosing a spurt of pee.

      I felt the pee starting to leave my bladder and had trouble even with grabbing my crotch to stop it. I pressed the enter button and hobbled to the bathroom. I started to leak and so I did the last steps more in a running style to reach the toilet without dribbling on the floor, sat onto the bowl and peed heavily.

      I never would have been this desperate in public, because I would have gone before I had to hold my crotch constantly, so it's also fun to surf the internet with a full bladder.

Author's note: I was so desperate, that I wasn't able to think straight (also a bit drunk) so I wrote real nonsense. You can see that I posted something but the post is removed. I wrote Dave to do so because there were many mistakes at the words and also in context. Dave told me I wrote that you guys are boring, but meant the opposite. Maybe I have forgotten a word or so but it's not my first language and so I hope you can forgive me.

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