Chain Gang Humiliation
(Sequel to Jailhouse Devastation)

(Female Desperation)

Written by Desperate Dan
This story is © Desperate Dan.
All rights reserved.

      Cindy struggled to pull on her pants as she got dressed for her first day on the chain gang. The jail issued each prisoner a pair of jeans and a bright orange shirt to wear while on the work crew. The front of the shirt was imprinted "INMATE" and the back "CHAIN GANG." Cindy felt herself blush as she looked at the shirt, the words made her feel humiliated. Worst of all she knew that anyone who saw her on the chain gang would know she was a criminal. The other problem was that the jail didn't have any jeans her size and she had been given a pair that she could barely get buttoned and zipped. Cindy knew that anyone who looked would be able to see her butt very clearly.

      Cindy trudged out of the locker room and stood in line with the other prisoners who had volunteered for the chain gang. Like all the other prisoners Cindy was a nonviolent offender, she had been arrested as a habitual traffic offender. For each day spent on the chain gang one day would be taken off her 20 day jail sentence. Cindy was shocked to see that she was the only woman on the chain gang; the other six prisoners were men.

      The guard came around and placed a chain around the waist of each prisoner. As he threaded the chain through the belt loops of Cindy's jeans he pulled it tight and placed a small lock through the links of the chain. After that he connected a six foot chain to the front of the belt which was then connected to the back of the belt of the prisoner in front of her. The guard then connected another chain between the back of her belt and the front of the belt of the man behind her. After all seven prisoners had been chained together the Warden began to tell them the rules for the day.

      "You are all going to stay chained to each other for the entire day, we will return to the jail in about ten hours. During the next ten hours you will be taken to a public place where you will all perform menial tasks as instructed by the guard that accompanies you. "Because the work takes place outside you will be given a five minute break every hour and will have to drink a glass of water every hour to prevent dehydration. You will be given a sandwich at noon for lunch and you will be given supper when you return to the jail at the end of the day.

      "Any prisoner who fails to follow the directions of the guard that is in charge today will not be allowed to participate in the chain gang in the future. Please remember that the chain gang is a privilege reserved for model prisoners who are attempting to reduce their sentences."

      After the Warden left the guard directed the prisoners out to a waiting van. All seven struggled to get in as they learned to move while chained to each other. There were no seats in the back of the van so they sat on the floor in a circle. Cindy became very aware that as the only woman in the group the men were focusing all their attention on her. Cindy wondered what the man behind her thought as he looked at her butt in the tight jeans she had been given.

      When the van stopped the prisoners filed out and saw they were at a large park. The park was busy with people jogging and walking their dogs. Each person that went past the assembled prisoners stared at the group, most chuckled and some even mocked them.

      The prisoners started the day by picking up trash. The morning was uneventful and boring with the exception of the teasing from the public, a few even took pictures with their camera phones. Cindy was horrified at the thought of her picture showing up on the internet chained to a group of other inmates.

      As the morning wore on Cindy began to worry about when they were going to be given a bathroom break. The glass of water she had been given at each break was starting to fill her bladder. Cindy wanted to ask for a restroom break but she was too scared to ask. She figured there must be a restroom break during lunch; she would just have to wait until then.

      As the morning went on her bladder began to hurt. As the chain gang continued to pick up trash in the park Cindy found herself bouncing and wiggling as she tried to maintain control of her body. Suddenly she remembered there was a man only six feet behind her, Cindy couldn't help but be embarrassed as she realized he must be getting quite a show through her tight jeans.

      Finally noon rolled around and the prisoners were told to sit down on the ground to eat lunch. As they each ate their sandwiches the guard brought each another glass of water. "No thank you" said Cindy as he handed her the glass. "I'm not thirsty."

      "This isn't about being thirsty" he replied. "The jail can't be responsible for you becoming dehydrated out here. You need to drink a glass of water each hour."

      "But I have to pee really badly!" she whined. If I drink any more I'll have an accident. Can I please go to the bathroom?"

      "You'll have to wait another hour; the only restroom break is scheduled for an hour after lunch" was the reply. "Now drink your glass of water. If you don't do as you are told you will be reported to the warden and he will take away your privileges while you are in jail."

      Cindy resigned herself to an uncomfortable hour and quickly gulped down the glass of water. She didn't want to risk not being able to be on the chain gang again. She had been sentenced to twenty days in jail. If she missed that many days of school she would fail her classes in college this semester. She had been arrested at the start of spring break and if Cindy could spend at least six days on the chain gang she would get her sentence reduced enough to be back in college when the break was over.

      As the prisoners finished their lunch the guard ushered them back to the van to take them to the next park to work for the afternoon. As the van bounced down the road Cindy had to jam her hands between her legs to keep from leaking. The men in the group were all watching but she didn't care. All Cindy wanted was to make it until the afternoon bathroom break.

      As the prisoners were taken out of the van at the next work site Cindy was disappointed to see that this park was even busier than the last park. The chain gang started working near the picnic area where several families were eating and playing games. Cindy could hear many of the parents pointing out the chain gang to their children and saying things like "if you don't behave you will end up just like them."

      As the chain gang shuffled along picking up trash Cindy felt as though she was doing more squirming than actual work. Several times she had to stop and dance in place to keep from wetting herself. Finally the guard signaled that it was break time! The guard walked the group over to the public restroom building and indicated that they all were to go into the men's room, once inside they lined up at the urinals on the wall. Each of the male prisoners was able to relieve himself. The sound of the six men all emptying their bladders was almost too much for poor Cindy who kept dancing from foot to foot waiting for them to finish. "It's got to be my turn now" she thought to herself as she heard the flushing of the urinals, "I wonder why the guard didn't unchain me while the men were peeing" she wondered.

      When the prisoner's were back outside the guard started handing out glasses of water. "Sir, I still have to go to the bathroom" Cindy said. "Can you please unlock me so I can use the restroom?"

      "I can't unlock you" was the reply she received from the guard. "Only the Warden has the key."

      "But I won't be able to get my pants down if the chain can't be unlocked. The chain is too tight around my waist" Cindy whined.

      "I guess you will have to wait until we get back to the jail in five hours. Finish your glass of water so we can get back to work" demanded the guard.

      As Cindy gulped her glass of water the tears flowed down her face. All Cindy could think about was how badly she needed to use the bathroom. As the group walked through the park toward the swimming beach Cindy found it more and more difficult to hold her bladder as she took each step.

      As the prisoners picked trash near the swimming beach Cindy suddenly felt a spurt of urine leak out into her underwear. "Oh no" she thought as she slammed her thighs together as best she could while walking, trying to keep up with the other prisoners she was chained to. She found herself thinking "I can't believe this is happening to me, I'm an adult. I'm supposed to be able to control myself."

      Cindy continued to pick up litter near the beach when she felt herself loose all control. She felt the hot liquid flow out from between her legs and run down the inside of both her legs. She could hear the hiss and smell the urine as it burst from her body. As she felt the wetness soaking the bottom of her butt she knew the man chained behind her was getting a show but she didn't care, it felt so good to empty her bladder.

      Unfortunately for Cindy the feeling of relief didn't last long. The warm urine began to get cold and the odor of her urine lingered all afternoon. She also wasn't prepared for the feeling of humiliation that accompanied her accident. Before she wet her jeans she had been just another prisoner on the chain gang, the embarrassment had been shared equally by all the prisoners. Now her humiliation was more than all the others combined. Now that she was wet it seemed like more people wanted to take pictures of the chain gang and they all seemed to point their cameras right at Cindy and her piss soaked jeans.

      She could also hear more people taunting her and talking about her. "Look at that prisoner, she peed her pants." "Mommy, what did that girl do? Was she naughty? Why did she wet her pants Mommy?" "Oh my god, look at that wet criminal." "I'd die of embarrassment if I pissed my pants in public like her."

      By the end of the day Cindy's thighs were itching and she had a rash from the chaffing of the cold damp denim rubbing against her legs. She eventually stopped crying, not because the humiliation got any better but only because she ran out of tears. As the chain gang was led into the back of the van at the end of the day Cindy began to contemplate how she was going to handle another five days of being publicly embarrassed.

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