The Bursting Nurse


David North

      Just a few days after my eighteenth burthday, I spent four weeks in hospital after falling off a roof and breaking both arms, dislocating one and giving my back a nasty jolt. I spent quite a lot of this time with my arms encased in itchy plaster and suspended by wires to prevent me moving them. I was lucky that my father had the kind of job that offered good medical cover, and I had a private room. To be honest, I would rather have been in one of the wards with people my age and have someone to talk to, but since the insurance company was paying, my dad wanted me to have the best.

      The hospital boasted some very attractive nurses, one in particular, a blonde in her early twenties, on whom I developed a massive and embarrassing crush. I blushed whenever she came into my room to attend to me, and my IQ dropped about twenty points every time I opened my mouth in her presence. Those early teenage years were hell as hormones raged and sexual desire ran almost out of control. Of course, the nurse, Nurse Redfearne, was fully aware of my shyness and was always extremely nice to me. She would sit on the edge of my bed and read to me when she had time, which wasn't often. Nurses are always on the go and seldom even get time for a break. Some of them even joked that you could always tell the difference between doctors and nurses because the nurses were the ones with the constantly full bladders, deprived as they often were of even a toilet break.

      One of the extremely embarrassing, while at the same time pleasurable, things about my situation was that I could do anything for myself. I couldn't move. It was therefore necessary for the nurses to spoon feed me, and also attend to my needs when I needed to urinate or take a dump. Taking a dump was absolutely no fun at all, but when I had to pee, the nurse would take hold of my cock and insert it into a molded tube which led to a bottle. The feel of a feminine hand around the shaft always gave me a hard on, always, even if I did my best to think of something unpleasant to take my mind off this fact. However, when the owner of the hand was Nurse Redfearne, my cock literally turned to iron, and she often had to wrestle with it to get it to stay inside the tube. She would treat me to a knowing smile whenever this happened.

      I also suffered a raging erection every time they gave me a bed bath. On the morning of this particular day, it had been Nurse Redfearne's turn to carry out this routine task. When she washed my cock with a warm flannel, I almost ejaculated all over her hand. I think she felt the tension in my body, and said, "It must be awkward, not being able to do anything about that."

      I wasn't exactly sure what she meant, but I assumed she was referring to the need of most adolescent males to masturbate on an almost-daily basis to keep the number of hard-ons to a manageable level. Not trusting my voice, because she had just added more liquid soap to the flannel and looked like she was about to wash my dick again, I merely nodded in agreement. And wash it again she did, knowing full well what was going to happen. In less than thirty seconds, I felt the surge of semen shoot along the shaft of my penis and erupt from the tip like lava from a volcano.

      Nurse Redfearne adroitly blocked me from spraying the stuff all over the bed by holding the flannel over the scene of the action until I was spent. Then she folded up the flannel and placed it inside a plastic bag for disposal. Without a word, she pulled my bed covers up to my chest and departed to attend to her next patient. I lay there sweating a little, breathing heavily, and very much in love.

      This act alone would have made that day a memorable one, but while I didn't know it at the time, the best was yet to come. That evening, around ten, I pressed the call button (positioned close to my head so that I could use my brow for this normally simple task) because my bladder was pretty full. I waited for perhaps five minutes, getting steadily more desperate for release, and finally pressed the button again, worrying now that it wasn't working.

      Soon after the second summons, Nurse Redfearne entered the room carrying tube and bottle, having correctly divined the reason I needed attention. I was surprised to see her still on duty, and noted that she looked both tired and harried. "Sorry for the delay, David," she apologised as she peeled back the bed covers.

      "That's okay," I said, blushing as usual, "but you'd better hurry. I need to go pretty badly."

      "At least you only needed to hold it for a few minutes," she replied, her voice unusually sharp. "I've spent the last hour running around with a full bladder."

      "Why?" I asked in foolish innocence.

      "Because we're short-staffed tonight. I'm doing a double shift to help out and I haven't had a chance to take a break."

      "Oh," was all I could say.

      She took my stiffening shaft in her hand, closing her cool fingers around it, and steered the end into the molded tube. As I let go, I realized that I could hear her tunic rustling. Turning my head further in her direction, I saw that she was fidgeting her legs, her thighs moving back and forth as if she were walking on the spot. She was obviously having a hard time suppressing her desire to release her pee, especially when she could feel it coursing along the core of my cock. I wondered how much longer she was going to be able to hold it if she didn't get a break soon.

      When she drew in a sharp breath, I moved my gaze back to her face. Her brow was creased and she had her eyes closed. I knew then that she was truly desperate to relieve herself, and my penis stiffened still more. She noticed, and opened her eyes to regard my erection. "Have you finished going?" she asked, her voice sounding slightly breathless. When I nodded, she withdrew my penis from the tube and clipped it to a bracket on the side of the bottle.

      I expected her to replace my bed covers and hurry off to her next duty, but instead she sat down on the edge of my bed, brushing my hair from my eyes in a maternal gesture. "Are you enjoying my predicament?" she asked, and I felt a tide of warmth spread up my face. To avoid her inquisitive stare, I looked down at my erection, which didn't help to mitigate my embarrassment at all.

      The mattress shifted as Nurse Redfearne crossed her legs, then wobbled slightly as she bobbed up and down, her hands locked together and pressing down on the front of her tunic, right at the top of her thighs. I saw this from the corner of my eye but pretended not to look because I knew she was still watching me. I wondered how badly she longed to pulled the hem of her tunic up so that she could press between her legs.

      "You didn't answer my question," she prompted after a long pause. When I mutely shook my head, she gripped the shaft of my penis in her cool fingers and squeezed it, then began sliding my foreskin slowly up and down. "I see," she said as she went on rolling my foreskin, keeping her other hand pressed firmly against her lap. "Then why did you have such a powerful erection when I was struggling to hold myself?"

      It didn't seem possible that my blush could become worse, and yet my face burned fiercer than ever as I studiously avoided looking at her face. She released my penis and place her hand beneath my chin, lifting it until I was looking directly at her. "You know that I'm about to wet myself, don't you?" she asked in a soft whisper.

      This time, I nodded. There didn't seem any point in denying it.

      "I'll tell you what, young David," she resumed whispering. "What if I make myself hold it until If I make you come, then I'll go to the loo, if it isn't too late by then? What do you think?"

      I swallowed hard. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This beautiful woman, who had to be eight or more years older than me, was going to make me shoot my load for the second time today. I couldn't understand why she was doing this, not then, although years later I guessed that she had recognised a kindred spirit and wanted me to know that my urges, which I had only recently discovered, and which I already realized society considered disgusting and depraved, were not unique to me, or even to my gender.

      I didn't respond to her proposition. I was too stunned; too embarrassed. I thought she had changed her mind when she got up and took a series of mincing little steps over to the door. Then she closed it and hobbled back to the bed, then leaned over until her face was directly over my erection. She opened her mouth and slipped it over the head of my penis, and began to slide her teeth lightly over the surface. I yelped, startled by the astonishing sensuality of this act. Shivers of pleasure raced through my entire body and she moved her tongue over the sensitive ring of my cock. The resulting tingling was so overwhelming that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

      Through my haze of pure ecstasy, I was dimly aware of Nurse Redfearne's legs moving, and could even hear her tights rasping as she rubbed her thighs together. Her bottom was sticking into the air, bouncing up and down as her legs squirmed. I would have given anything to reach out and slide a hand up inside her tunic and grope her quivering thigh. If I was really lucky, I might have felt pee streaming down her legs as she lost the battle to keep herself dry. These thoughts, coupled with the brush of her teeth and tongue against the head of my penis, I felt my semen rise, and for the second time that day I literally erupted.

      Nurse Redfearne did not pull away, but went on sucking, swallowing my discharge. She was grunting now, breathing hard through her nose, and I wondered if she was having an orgasm. Then I head the hissing sound coming from beneath her tunic, and knew that she was wetting herself. I was so excited now that, even when I had discharged the last spurt of semen, my erection continued unabated.

      At last, Nurse Redfearne straightened up and let out a very protracted sigh. The room was filled with the smell of fresh urine, and I could only imagine what the skirt of her tunic must look like. I wondered how she was going to explain this to the other nurses, and especially to the matron.

      "David," she said, speaking very softly.


      "If any one asks, you had an accident in here this evening. Do you understand?"

      "Yes, nurse," I agreed.

      "I hope you're feeling relieved," she added, her voice still soft.

      "Yeah," I said. "Sounds like you are too."

      "Yes," she said, her manner suddenly brisk. "Right, I must shower and change and get on with my duties. I'll come back and clear up the mess in a little while."

      With that, she rose and turned to leave the room, affording me a wonderful view of the huge dark areas on the front and back of her tunic. When she had gone, I tried to lean my head over far enough to see the puddle she had left on the floor, but I couldn't quite reach that far. It didn't really matter though. I'd had my first taste of female desperation at close quarters, and an insight into the tastes of Nurse Redfearne. I hoped she might do it all again during my stay in the hospital, but she never did. I would have to wait another ten years before I would have the courage to talk to a woman about desperation to pee again... and that was my first ever story.

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