Beer Makes Me Pee the Whole Time

(Female Desperation)

Written by Veronique

This story is © Veronique.
All rights reserved.

      I had to went to a incentive event with some people of my departement. They choosed to go to a beer hall in the city and although I wasn't happy to much I had to come with them. We sat on the typical banks and drank the beer in big glasses called Mass ( one litre ). Naturally after drinking beer you have to pee often and so after the second Mass I used the toilet for the third time this evening.

      But I as I came back and started the third Mass I felt the need to pee increased again and I didn't want to go so soon. What would have my co-workers thought about me. So I kept on drinking, not as fast as before, because I had already drunk two litres of beer at this time and clenched my muscles shut.

      There's another thing I had to tell, because since I found the bound2burst site I often drive myself into desperate situations, especially when I have drank alcohol. So after 40 minutes in process I felt that my bladder really got full and I had problems to keep still. I looked at my glass and there was about 60 % left. I told myself not to go until I finished the beer.

      The conversation become funny, because everybody had drunken enough beer now and we really had a good time. I kept on drinking and my bladder kept on filling so it started to become very uncomfortable to last.

      I changed my position a few times but found out that crossing my legs was not possible at this table without making my need worse. So I sat there with my legs apart and sliped at the edge of the bank to take preassure away from my bladder.

      The beer didn't taste so good anymore and my speed of drinking get near to zero. The glass was half full and I was sure I couldn't last that long.

      I felt that I really should go now but I didn't like to although my bladder was absolutly full. It become painful to hold my pee back. My sphinctor muscles hurt from the effort to keep the flood inside and my stomage become painful to.

      I knew that I wasn't able to hold it much longer and so I prepared for standing up. I couldn't make a ful to myself in front of the people around. I was the boss of them, not the big boss but I had to keep their respect.

      I excused myself for a moment and raised my body. The pain in my abandom was unbearable. I had to take all my power not to let them see that I nearly died from pain. I stood straight and now the full weight of my bladder meet my muscles. At once I started walking to the toilets and keep my legs inmotion helped but my crouch was burning like fire. I got there frantic becaus I know I waited a bit to long. I was about to pee my pants every second now. The "corridors" between the tables were narrow and there were many people in so I was able to give myself a squeeze without anybody seeing. But at one time I had to stop because there was a crowd in the corridor and in the moment I stopped walking I felt my muscles would give way. I pressed my hand between my legs and managed to hold my pee back. Now a few people must have noticed my predicament but none of them I know so it wasn't that terrible as to hold my crotch in view of my male trainee. I started walking again and tried to hurry as much as my bladder forgave me and reached the toilet in time. I slipped in a cubicle and the moment I sat down the pee gushed out.

      I don't know if I had been able to hold it any second longer. Maybe somehow I must have but I'm not sure if I could.

      So I get relieved and was able to fit my thoughts. I felt that I was really drunk. I was so drunk that I had problems to hold balance while pulling up my trousers. I knew I couldn't last much longer without loosing my sence in front of my collegues. I went back to the table and tried to maintain control. I finished the beer as quick as possible, talked to them high concentrated not to mumble and then said goodbye to them.

      I got out the beer hall and went to the subway station nearby. I looked at the timetable an could see there was a trian coming in 8 minutes. That was great because so I had the time to buy a ticket and search a toilet because again I felt this fast building up need to pee. I get a ticket but the toilets of the station were closed this late. So I had to hold on and knew I would make it home without bigger trouble.

      The train arrived and I had to drive only 20 minutes but I miscalculated my condition and the need to pee increased rapidly.

      I was drunk and I was tired and so it happend that I fell asleep. I woke up a bit later by a throbbing pain in my abandom. Half asleep I started to massage my bladder area without thinking and as I become more clear I could see what a young guy stared at me and my behavior.

      At once I stopped and tried to look normal. But inside my body my bladder was going to explose. I looked out of the window at the next station and noticed I passed mine long before and a look at my watch told ma I was driving like this nearly one hour now. No wonder my bladder was bulging.

      I got off at the next station and searched for toilets. I wasn't able to walk upright because my bladder hurt so much. I pressed my hand between my legs a few times but it didn't help anymore. Ihad to pee now or wet my pants. There were no toilets on the platform and so I decided aware of other solutions to let it go between to parked cars and started to walk with careful steps to the street. There was not much traffic and so I thought nobody could see me. On my way there I had to stop a few times and sit on my heel, the only thing that prevent my from peeing my pants. While I crouched down again I saw the young guy follow me in some distance.

      What the hell was going on. I kept on walking and turned back some times only to see him follow me.

      I got panic not only from the fear to pee my pants. What was he doing, was he a criminal. I tried not to stop again although I really needed. In spite of this I pressed my hand in the crotch and started to walk faster. He didn't take up speed. He just followed in a distance he could see me.

      My bladder was at its limit and I didn't know what to do. Never I wanted to pee in his view but I knew it wouldn't last any longer and I would pee my pants in front of him. Then I saw the sign of the police station. I hubbled as fast as possible to it and stepped in. I tried to stand normal but my bladder spasmed and I had to bent down. I grabbed the desk with one hand to keep my body up and the other hand I used to pull my jeans into my crotch as hard as I could. They looked at me and I asked if I could use their toilet. The officer explained that they are no public toilet and so on and really in panic I explained him my situation with the guy and so on.

      During this I tried to stand still but I had to squrirm a lot not to wet my pants.

      He told me:" In this is case I am allowed to bring you back home in the police car, to protect you from the stranger."

      It was embarrasing but feeling the first spurt escape I said pulling my jeans up harder and harder: "Please officer, I'm about to pee my pants every second, I can't last the long drive."

      "I'm sorry, but I have to respect the law," I interrupted, nearly falling down from the way I had my legs knotted together: "I can't cope with any more delay, please!"

      But although it must have been obvious that I really needed to pee very urgent he didn't change his mind and I felt pee leaking out slowly. So I hobbled out looked around and couldn't see the stranger anymore, maybe the police station made him turn.

      Two steps and again I had to sit on my heel to stop the pee but I felt this time I couldn't stand up anymore without peeing my pants. My pee was already coming out only stopped from the preassure of my foot. It hurt terribly and I feared to injure myself. So I let my but slip off the heel and started peeing through my pants.

      There was absolutly no chang to avoid this. But the pee forced out with much preassure and so there was only my butt wet and I was able to cover it with my jacket. Althoug it was very embarressing to me....

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