The Babysitter

(Female Desperation)

Written by The Little Pervert

This story is © The Little Pervert.
All rights reserved.

      This took place over 40 years ago.

      The baby sitter in this story, Diana, was a senior in highschool, about 5'6" tall, 120 lbs in weight, and she sported dark brown shoulder length hair. She had celebrated her 18th birthday a couple of months before this happened. I was 7 or 8 years old at the time, the baby she was minding. She had been my babysitter for a couple of years by this time and I had grown to like her a lot.

      Diana was really good to me. We played monopoly and various other games, and when it got late she would always make popcorn which we ate while watching TV. I would eventually fall asleep she would put me in one of the bedrooms. If I woke and got scared, I would come back out to be with her, and when this happened, she would lay my head on her lap and, in no time at all, I would be asleep again.

      This is how everything was until she meet her bullying boyfriend, a complete asshole. Even now, I always think of him that way. He started turning up when my parents were out, and whenever he came over he would always slap me around because he wanted to be alone with Diana. I didn't know at the time that he was in to making her pee her pants.

      He would always bring Diana a bunch of drinks when he came, usually Pepsi. He encouraged her to drink it while we all watched TV, and as the night went on, I would fall asleep on her lap. Probably to avoid disturbing me, Diana would keep drinking till her bladder was full, and only then would she lift my head up and slide off the couch and head to the bathroom where she would pee her pants for him.

      On one particular night, I was asleep on her lap and her bladder was full. It was time for her to head to the bathroom, but her boyfriend decided it would be fun to push my head into her bladder, really hard. Naturally, I woke up and looked up into her face to see what was going on. Her face was all scrunged up from the pain of him pushing my head against her swollen bladder, and she let out a loud long moan followed by a long, loud intake of air throught her teeth. I noticed that her stomach felt unusually firm under my head, as hard as a rock in fact. She normally has a flat soft tummy, but now it was huge!

      She lifted my head and tried to tell me she would be right back, but she could barely get the words out. She had to pee so badly. As she got up, she let out a long and continuous moan that just didn't stop, and as she rose I saw that she had a wet spot in her crouch the size of a baseball. She coundn't straighten up, and started taking short, minicing steps with her ass sticking out, struggling to get to the bathroom.

      The asshole went in with her and shut the door. Curious now, I went over to listen because I knew something wasn't right. Through the door, I could hear them mumbling something but I couldn't make out the words. The door had a keyhole for a big skeleton key, but the key wasn't in it, so I was able to peek through into the bathroom. I saw Diana standing there with her legs crossed and holding her crotch.

      Back in those days, girls wore their jeans as tight as tight could be, and I could see Diana's bladder bulging under them a could also see a huge cameltoe with a wet spot. I wondered what on earth was going on. Putting my ear to the keyhole, I was able to hear some of the stuff they were talking about. I heard Diana saying "I cant hold it anymore. It hurts." The told her to try to hold on just a little longer.

      Obviously trying to please him, Diana wiggled around all over the place, holding herself and moaning. This performance went on for a couple more minutes before Diana said, "I can't hold it!" At once, pee started spreading rapidly down her legs. Some went up her crouch and all around her legs. She let out a loud sigh of relief as she stood there completely wetting her jeans. I stared for a while in disbielf before running back to the couch and pretending to be still asleep.

      About a month later, the asshole wanted Diana to start doing her pee desperation in more public places. She didn't like it the idea of this at all. She was scheduled to babysit me one night, but they had plans to go to the drive-in movies. He was pissed when her dad said I had to go with them or she would have to stay home and babysit me. He chose to take me; it was better than nothing I suppose. As were watching the movie, he had Diana drinking Pepsi again. She drank a lot, so I knew what was coming. The asshole was in the drivers seat, and she was in the middle, and I was in the passinger seat. I keep looking at her tummy, waiting for it to swell up, because the bigger her bladder got the across her bulging tummy, the tighter her crotch became, showing off more of her womenhood.

      She sat just starting at the screen, squirming slightly at first. Then she began slowly opening and closing her legs. Before long, her hand strayed between her legs (she was doing her best to be discrete about it). I'm not sure why I did it, but I told her I was tired and laid my head in her lap. I looked up into her face as I did it and saw her face scrunge up again. Her tummy felt as hard as a rock. It wasn't long after this that I felt her bladder quiver just a little. It would quiver a few seconds, then stay quite for 3 or 4 minutes before it would quiver again. This went on for about fifteen minutes, and each time the quivering got a little harder and lasted longer.

      At last, she told the asshole that she needed to go to the bathroom. He, of course, replied that she had to wait. I felt her bladder quiver again, violently this time, like her pee was pounding to get out. she told me to move my head from her lap and let her climb out of the passinger door. She really HAD to go now - she was sitting stiff in her seat with her back arched forward so her butt was sticking out. Her hand was pressed into her crotch. She told her boyfriend again to let her go, but he said no. She looked down in shock then as a loud hissing sound started up. I followed her gaze and saw pee spreading quickly across her thighs. She was actually wetting herself.

      The hissing sound went on for about 45 seconds, roaring like a fire hose until it tappered off. Even when the initial surge had passed, she still went on peeing for about another 30 seconds. I was fascinated, but at the time it didn't really mean very much to me. I reached adulthood before I finally realized that the asshole had turned me into a little pervert!

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