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1. Whatever It Takes (Prelude) (11 minutes 49 seconds)
Lola has waited until she feels an urgent need to pee before getting dressed to film this story. For some reason, none of the skirts available seem to fit her and we watch her trying on skirts that are too big or too small, delaying her and making her even more desperate to go. As usual, Lola takes this set up remarkably well considering how uncomfortable she is feeling. She looks decidedly worried when informed that it will take at least half an hour to film the story.

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2. Whatever It Takes (18 minutes 04 seconds)
In this scenario, Lola's sister has been kidnapped and to get her back safely, Lola must pay ransom money. The kidnapper makes her drive around all morning to make sure she is not being followed by police. At no time is Lola permitted to get out of the vehicle since - a miniature camera has been installed to allow him to keep an eye on her. If Lola moves out of the kidnapper's field of view at any time, it will all over for her sister.

Trapped in the vehicle for hours, Lola's bladder has filled and now she is bursting to p-e-e, but still she is not permitted to get out of the vehicle, not even for a minute. To make matters worse, the kidnapper is becoming increasingly paranoid and now believes Lola might be wearing a wire. To be sure, he tells her to take off all her clothes and throw them out of the window. Willing to do whatever it takes to get her sister back, Lola complies.

She is then given more instructions and, stark naked now, she has to drive to what she believes will be the drop-off point for the cash. Upon arrival, however, the kidnapper keeps her waiting, calling to say he will be in touch again soon with more instructions. Lola is frantic! Her bladder is ready to explode. As a last resort, fully aware that she is being watched, she pees into a candy container, gasping with relief as she releases her pent up urine. A little more comfortable now, she settles down to await further instructions.

Additional comments: There are not many things Lola has not tried, but this was her first time driving a car while naked. There is a behind the scenes segment at the end of the movie where Lola hops out and runs naked through the rain.

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3. Do Not Use (14 minutes 40 seconds)
Lola arrives home in a great hurry to visit the bathroom, but when she dashes in there, she discovers a notice taped to the toilet lid: DO NOT USE. The workmen had promised her faithfully that all the plumbing in the bathroom would be sorted out before she arrived home. Fighting a serious urge to pee, she hurries to the phone to call the company performing rennovation work on her home. She learns that one of the workmen is still on the premises inspecting the well, so Lola hurried around the outside of the house to find him. He is inspecting the well cover, and explains to her that the pump did not restart after the water was switched back on, and that the toilet may have to be removed in order to get her new bath in. Lola really doesn't want to admit that she is bursting to pee, and does her best to help the man sort things out so that the water supply can be restored. At the very least, she would like him to leave so that she can dash into the woods before she has an accident in her jeans and panties.

Her attempts to help come to no avail, and the workman is just about to depart when he remembers there are several other issues he needs to discuss with Lola, ready for the next day. Lola does her best to maintain her composure but the urge to pee is too great. She starts to leak into her jeans, but carries on talking and listening to the man as if nothing is happening. The wet patch on her jeans grows steadily bigger until, at last, the workman cannot help but notice it. Embarrassed, Lola tries to encourage him to leave, but he seems in no hurry. Despite doing her best to avoid turning around, Lola eventually has to do so, revealing that the back of her jeans is completely drenched.

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4. Leaving It Too Late (11 minutes 19 seconds)
Lola is so engrossed in a computer game that she puts off a badly needed visit to the bathroom, wiggling her legs and holding her crotch in an effort to control herself. Her bladder is growing fully and fuller as she plays on until she is ready to explode. Nevertheless, she continues playing because to stop means that she will have to go back to the start of the level she is now playing, and it has taken her hours to get this far. This would not be a problem if she could save her place in the game, but the software will not allow that. She squirms frantically as she gets nearer and nearer to achieving her goal, but the pressure on her sphincter is too great and she wets her jeans where she is sitting. Uncomfortable, Lola peels off her wet jeans, all the while still attempting to play her game. Almost without noticing, she sits back down on the wet chair seat and continues playing.

Additional comments: This scenario is filmed using two cameras, affording a view under the table to record Lola's leg crossing and knee bouncing.

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5. I'll Wait & You Watch (17 minutes 41 seconds)
Lola chats to you as she holds a full bladder, sitting, crossing and uncrossing her legs, standing and pacing, holding herself and gasping with the effort of holding everything in. While she is struggling with her present condition, she recounts a true story of how she witnesses a girl wetting herself in public.

Additional comments: We could not resist using the beautiful red dress again. Lola is filmed with two cameras and the action cuts back and forth between them.

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Lola: Set 9
Lola: Set 9
Whatever It Takes (Prelude)
Whatever It Takes
Do Not Use
Leaving It Too Late
I'll Wait & You Watch

Total time: 74 minutes
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