Lily & Amber
Set 3

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1. Stranded Outside & Desperate (8 minutes 44 seconds)
Lily turns up at a friend's house desperate to pee but no one appears to be in. A few minutes later, Amber arrives, also sporting a full bladder, and she doesn't have a key either. The girls ponder what to do as they struggle to hold themselves, then decide to try getting in through a window. They take a step ladder and Amber climbs it to work on opening a window, but the effort makes her lose control and she wets her jeans. This starts Lily leaking too. Amber's loss of control is by far the worse and in a matter of seconds her jeans are completely soaked.

Additional comments: A behind the scenes sequence is included at the end where the camera follows the girls into the bathroom where they peel off their wet jeans and show us their wet panties. The movie is short because it was filmed with the temperature at 20F (-6C) and Amber's pee-soaked jeans were fast becoming extremely cold on her legs.

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2. Permission to Pee (30 minutes 10 seconds)
The girls have a new kind of challenge: they both need to pee, but neither of them can go without receiving permission from the other. Even when permission is given, each girl can only fill a small (dixie) cup and then she must stop going, as in the Time To Go movies. Instead of a clock setting the pace, she must now hold it until her competitor feels like allowing her to go some more. Alas, this is a double-edged sword of course because the model withholding permission to her competitor is herself longing to pee, so she is at the same time delaying her own relief. Life is full of hard choices! Given Amber's strongly competitive nature, she makes Lily wait in spite of her own desperation. In the end, however, nature overpowers Amber and she experiences a truly catastrophic loss of control - had all the pee been measured it may have set a new Bound2Burst record!

Additional comments: The opening scenes of this movie show Amber secured to a chair with zip ties. We were in the process of filming a bondage movie for Beauties in Bondage when Amber declared that she was really bursting to pee. We called a halt and switched over to the planned Permission to Pee scenario, with poor Amber starting at an extreme disadvantage. The first minutes are a bit chaotic with lighting being changes, towels and a glass cylinder being retrieved by Lily, and of course with setting Amber free. Amber's initial desperation is what led to what may be the most dramatic loss of control at the end of this movie, rivaling Rachael's performance in Time To Go 2.

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3. In Urgent Need of a Bathroom (11 minutes 06 seconds)
Lily and Amber have arrived at the home of their respective dates, all dressed up and ready to party. The first thing they need to do is use the bathroom, but unfortunately one of the men is in the shower. The girls sit in the living room and hold on, but they badly need to go and knock on the bathroom door to hurry things along. The sound of a running shower is excruciating and they can't stay there for long, so they return to the living room and pee dance around as they continue to hold it. At last, the bathroom is free and both women dash in to use the toilet. Lily goes first and Amber has to continue holding it until it is her turn.

Additional comments: The interplay here is similar to We Both Have To Go. When both girls dash into the bathroom, Lily uses the toilet first and Amber is forced to stand and hold it a little longer.

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4. Hold It Or You're Fired (15 minutes 24 seconds)
Here we have Lily as the tyrannical and unsympathetic boss who is annoyed with her employee for running late on an important deadline. She threatens to dismiss Amber and replace her with an intern unless she gets the paperwork finished in time for a meeting with some very important clients. Amber's attempts to hurry off to the bathroom to empty her full bladder are repeatedly thwarted by Lily until the inevitable happens - Amber wets herself in front of her boss. Because the deadline is looming, Lily still refuses to let her employee visit the bathroom to clean herself up, and insists that she carry on with her work. the smirk playing around her lips at the end suggests that Amber is almost losing her composure as she says of Lily" She is the worst boss ever!"

Additional comments: This theme has been explored several times this year in Lavender's movies Strip Or Lose Your Job and Hold It Or Lose Your Job, and Lola's Work Or Wet Your Pants. The improvised dialogue between Lily and Amber is spot on. Amber's natural body language when desperate to pee also makes for compelling viewing.

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Lily & Amber: Set 3
Lily & Amber: Set 3
Stranded Outside & Desperate
Permission to Pee
In Urgent Need of a Bathroom
Hold It Or You're Fired

Total time: 65 minutes
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