Jasmine & Candle Description
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1. Help a Desperate Girl (7 minutes 27 seconds)
Candle has been on the road for some time and badly needs to pee. She has been unable to find any rest areas where she could use the bathroom. Finally, in sheer desperation, she pulls off the road and goes to a private house, hoping that the occupants will let her in to use their facilities. She stands at the door squirming, so close to wetting herself. The door is answered by a teenager (Jasmine) who is not comfortable with letting a stranger into the house. When Candle pleads with her, Jasmine begins making excuses as to why she can't let the woman into the house which Candle does not believe for a moment. Jasmine is giving directions to where she believes Candle will find a public toilet, but while she is explaining where to go, Candle loses control and her jeans turn dark as pee runs down her legs. Jasmine is horrified, telling her not to do it there in her yard, but it's too late. She closes the door and leaves Candle to deal with her embarrassing situation. Candle returns to her car, peels off her wet jeans and places them in a plastic bag before climbing into the car and driving away.

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2. Exam Desperation (22 minutes 32 seconds)
Jasmine is a student who has missed an important examination. The school has agreed to let her sit the test separately in the presence of an invigilator. At the start, the invigilator (Candle) checks that Jasmine has done everything she needs to do before the test begins (eaten lunch, used the bathroom, etc.), reminding her that once the test begins neither of them may leave the room. Jasmine off-handedly says she's fine. At 2 p.m., Candle starts the 3-hour-long exam. All is well for a while, but mid-way through the afternoon Jasmine begins to fidget. Candle asks her if she is alright and she says yes initially, but then admits that she needs to pee. Candle reminds her that she was asked about the use of the bathroom before the test began. Jasmine agrees with ill-grace to continue working while holding it, but later her desperation gets the better of her and she leaves her seat, intent on making a visit to the bathroom. Candle explains that if the girl leaves the room, she will fordeit her test and will have to sit an entirely new one. Jasmine pleads with the woman, asking her to go along to the bathroom with her, but Candle reminds her that neither one of them may leave the room before the 3-hours has elapsed. Truly dying to pee now, Jasmine resumes work, her fidgeting now pronounced. With only ten minutes remaining, Jasmine decides she really can't hold it any longer and tries again to leave for a visit to the ladies. Candle picks up her test paper, making the girl stay. Jasmine starts to cry because she needs to go so badly but Candle is unrelenting. Suddenly, Jasmine loses control and wets herself, pee streaming down her bare legs onto the floor. She is mortified. When Candle tells her to go get a mop to clean up the mess, Jasmine calls her a bitch and storms out, locking the door behind her and jamming something into the lock so that Candle cannot get out. Candle discovers what the girl has done and calls the administrative office, asking them to send down a janitor to help her. She is informed that it is 5 p.m. and the janitors have gone homw for the weekend. Candle next calls her boyfriend to ask him to come and help her, but he doesn't get off work until six. Things would not be so bad but Candle is now dying to pee herself, and is not sure she can last another hour. It seems the classroom is in for a seconding flooding that afternoon...

The movie concludes with a brief behind the scenes sequence where Candle delivers a few of her famous puns.

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3. Jasmine Humiliates Candle (3 minutes 55 seconds)
Candle has been sleeping with Jasmine's boyfriend and now Jasmine wants revenge. She invites Candle to her house and then holds her up with a gun, making her go outside into the back garden. Candle is frightened and feels a terrible urge to pee, trying to reason with Jasmine and asking her to calm down. Jasmine will not calm down; she is furious! She orders Candle to take off all her clothes, saying that she had no trouble doing that for Jasmine's boyfriend. Candle complies, squirming because fear is bringing her close to losing control of her full bladder. When Jasmine waves the gun at her again, Candle wets herself, thoroughly humiliated in front of Jasmine. Jasmine mocks the woman, expressing her disgust. Jasmine orders Candle to leave the property, but when Candle goes to pick up her clothes Jasmine says: "No, no, no. You can go as you are." Candle is mortified by the prospect of walking down the street without any clothes on, but when Jasmine threatens her she has no choice. Jasmine watches her rival go, shaking her head in disbelief.

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4. Bursting Hostage (10 minutes 31 seconds)
Candle is being held hostage for a ransom, and her captor is keeping her tied to a chair and gagged. She has been sitting there for hours and her bladder has filled. Desperate to relieve herself now, Candle does her best to call for attention through her gag while struggling not to wet herself. Finally, her captor comes and takes out the gag. She explains her dilemman and asks him to untie her and let her run to the bathroom before it is too late. While she is still trying to convince him that she really does need to pee, the man's phone rings and he leaves her to take the call. Candle tries to talk herself into calming down, willing herself to hold it until the man returns. Some minutes pass and she is about to explode when, to her immense relief, he does reappear. She begs to use the bathroom, and the man is just about to start untying her when his phone rings again, and he leaves her once more. This torture is too great and Candle can't take any more. Her bladder muscles give way and she starts to wet herself. Things might not have been too bad if she could have just released a little to gain some temporary relief, but once her pee starts flowing she can't stop it. She continues peeing for almost a minute, and her urine streams off the seat of her chair onto the floor, making a huge puddle.

There is a minute-long behind the scenes sequence where we look at the front of Candle's jeans. These show almost no damage at all, but the back is drenched (not seen on camera). This was filmed because Candle became desperate to pee during a Beauties in Bondage movie, and it would have been a shame to free her and let her use the toilet, now wouldn't it?

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Jasmine & Candle
Jasmine & Candle
Help a Desperate Girl
Exam Desperation
Jasmine Humiliates Candle
Bursting Hostage
(44 minutes)

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