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1. Trapped in an Elevator 1 (28 minutes 07 seconds)
Sama plays Kate, a hospital clerical assistant who arrives back from lunch with an uncomfortably full bladder and ends up getting stuck in a stalled elevator with a male stranger. A call for assistance yields the news that there are also systems problems in other areas of the hospital, and that the maintenance crew will not arrive for about an hour. Kate realizes she is now in trouble, because she is desperate for relief and knows she will not be able to hold on for that long. The man with her in the elevator, Ken, chats to her as she paces and looks increasingly distressed. He also has a bottle of orange juice and coffee mug with him, and decides to have a drink. He offers Kate some juice, but she declines. The sound of Ken pouring liquid into the cup makes Kate squirm. She makes several more calls to ascertain the progress of the maintenance crew, only to learn that there have been further delays, and that the crew will probably not even be able to get to the stuck elevator for more than an hour. She tells the woman on the other end of the line: "Please, just hurry. It's an emergency!" Kate paces back and forth with her arms folded, barely listening to Ken's inane chatter as he repeatedly fills his coffee cup with juice, unwittingly torturing the poor desperate girl. At last, Kate is so desperate that she has to admit to her predicament. She says to Ken: "If I have to hold it any longer, I'll explode!" When she reaches the end of her tether, Ken offers her a solution. The only question is whether or not she's willing to take it.

Additional comments: This "elevator" was literally a few narrow panels tacked to the wall with a few props added. The filming space was therefore tight and created the impression of a claustrophobic space. Sama was dressed in white to make her stand out as much as possible against ther dark panelling. The extra scenes were filmed outside and in the entrance of a real hospital. During filming, as Sama stepped in an out of a few hospital elevators, we ended up inside one with a nurse ending her shift. She asked about the camera but did not issue any warnings. Had she been a hospital administrator, the situation would probably have become awkward.

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2. Trapped in an Elevator 2 (20 minutes 55 seconds)
After a birthday lunch at the pub involving plenty of drinks, eight women return to work and step into an elevator with their boss. The elevator breaks down between floors, and it isn't long before the effects of all that alcohol begins to play havoc with the girls' bladders. As time passes and no help comes, the interior inside the elevator grows warm. At least, the girls start complaining about feeling hot, perhaps because of the effort required to resist the urge to pee. The situation for most of the girls soon becomes desperate, and a number of them wet themselves in front of their boss. Others continue struggling the hold on in hope that the elevator will soon start to move again and they can make a dash to the bathroom before it is too late. When the elevator does move again and the doors open, the girls all make a run for it, leaving their boss to step over puddles of pee in order to exit. The question must surely be: will he fire the lot of them?

Additional comments: The situation unfolded in quite a realistic manner, although the girls who lost control and wet themselves were less embarrassed than they would have been if the situation were real. Given that they are none of them trained actresses, and they had to deal with the presence of a male most of them did not know prior to the day of the shoot, they did an excellent job of simulating this situation. As usual, there were no re-takes; you see it the way it happened.

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3. Trapped in an Elevator 3 (16 minutes 40 seconds)
This time, the scenario has Lola and Nyxon visiting a company to attend interviews to replace Jayne, who is leaving. The girls chat and squirm and call for her occasionally, but they have been stranded for a while and are not really expecting help any time soon. Nevertheless, they try to hold their pee for as long as possible in the hope of getting out without embarrassing wet patches on their clothes. Naturally they don't succeed. It wouldn't be Bound2Burst if they did!

Additional comments: In this one, all three girls end up wetting themselves. This occurs at intervals throughout the movie, so we get to see the cycle of desperation and loss of control repeated several times. We even added in the element where, when Jayne couldn't hold it any longer, she tried to unzip her jeans and pull them down, but wouldn't you know it, that damned zip got stuck again! Both Lola and Nyxon tried to help her free it before desperation overcomes her. Jayne really soaks her jeans when she lets go, in vintage Jayne style.

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4. Trapped in an Elevator 4 (15 minutes 29 seconds)
Bev is returning to work after lunch when the elevator breaks down. She consumed a few glasses of water while dining, and had been looking forward to reaching the ladies on her floor to relieve the pressure on her bladder. Now she will have to hold it under the watchful eye of a security camera. She tries not to look to frantic, but as the minutes pass and her desperation increases to critical levels, she can't help holding herself, crossing her legs, pacing back and forth and squatting down, all the while gasping and moaning with the strain of trying to wait a little longer, and then a little longer. Help doesn't come and Bev uses the phone to make some irate protests to security. She's bursting, about to wet herself, and no one seems to be doing anything. The tension builds in her face and is reinforced by her body language. She just can't hold it any longer. Despite being watched, she has to pee or her bladder will explode. She throws her scarf over the security camera, unbuttons her jeans, pulls them and her panties down and releases a long, powerful jet of pee all over the floor. Part way through this, the scarf slips off the security camera and the men in security can now see her. She covers her face in embarrassment, and when she is finally freed from the elevator, she hurries off with a hasty excuse about being late for work.

Additional comments: Bev's desperation was very real. While one of the cameras was being set up towards the end, she said, in that no-nonsense voice of hers, "Come on! This is really serious!" She always seems to think that I'm delaying her relief on purpose. Wherever did she get an idea like that? The movie contains the full peeing sequence filmed by two cameras (the teaser only shows a little extra we tacked on from the security camera's point of view). The story is 12m 45s, and the remaining 2m 30s are just the peeing sequence filmed from two viewpoints, mid-range and close-up (about 3 feet). You can see the stream from both views.

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Trapped in an Elevator Set
Trapped in an Elevator: 4-Movie Set
Total time: 81 minutes
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