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This set is presented in both windows media video (WMV) and Quicktime formats. The Quicktime files are created from the native video format generated by iMovie and are therefore of higher quality than the WMV files which are derivatives. Quicktime files play on a Macintosh and may be loaded into iTunes and hence your iPod where they play very nicely. Quicktime files will also play on a PC using Real Player as well as a host of other video-playing software packages, but probably not on Windows Media Player.

This set is an experiment where a lot of behind the scenes content is included rather than presenting just the finished, edited product of each desperation scenario. This format shows how much time a model spends holding it in preparation to start filming a particular B2B scenario. In the case of Dixie, who works on content for both Bound2Burst and Beauties in Bondage, she allows her bladder to fill while bondage situations are being filmed, resulting in a lot of wiggling and struggling to hold on between scenes. The scenarios filmed are embedded in the behind the scenes content.

1. A Day With Dixie: Part 1 - Build Up To An Explosive Pee (33 minutes 41 seconds)
The movie starts with Dixie in the bathroom getting dressed, feeling the urge to pee and tempted by the close proximity of the toilet. She elects to carry on holding it (she has had quite a lot to drink already so the pressure is mounting fast) and to go ahead with filming a bondage movie before a pee desperation one. We discuss the situation and Dixie realizes that the bondage movie may take an hour to film, and that she will be very desperate to pee by the time it is over. Dixie is even bold enough to take a few more swigs of water before things get underway. She is subsequently in bondage as she is driven, carried, tied in such a way that she is made to stand, and has her clothes cut off by her captor. The bondage movie is not actually included here; what you see instead is Dixie wiggling and gasping as she struggles not to pee herself during intervals between scenes. She mentions periodically how serious the situation with her filling/expanding bladder is becoming until she finds it hard to conceal her desperation as we film the bondage story. Part way through the movie, Dixie gets out of the back of a Jeep, naked apart from stockings and heels, and hops into the garage where she is asked to untie herself ready to start on the desperation movie. She is unable to get free, partly because she is so distracted by almost wetting herself. After receiving a little help, she frees herself and then walks upstairs to get ready for the desperation scenario. Actually, there really is no scenario here; we follow Dixie around as she puts on some lingerie, fighting the urge to pee as it keep assailing her in ever more powerful waves. She must also go back down to the basement to collect towels to stem the flood when she loses control. Finally, she is just standing, wiggling, really fighting hard to hold it. The tension is writ large on her face as she tries not to wet her panties, but by this time she is ready to explode. When she does pee, the stream literally does explode through her panties.

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2. A Day With Dixie: Part 2 - Full Bladder Crisis During Filming (6 minutes 39 seconds)
It has been more than half an hour since Dixie peed, but she is very hydrated from all the liquid she has been comsuming. She has been bound hand and foot and gagged, and we are in the middle of filming a bondage video when she is overwhelmed by a sudden urge to pee. She stands and jiggles her body around, trying to cross her legs but prevented from doing so by the rope around her ankles. The situation is a difficult one: If Dixie is untied to pay a visit to the bathroom, it will be almost impossible to retie the ropes in exactly the same position, and since many close ups of the bonds are recorded, this would create a discontinuity. However, there is no way that Dixie can hold it until we have finished filming, so the only solution is for her to hop to the bathroom and pee. Her problems are not over when she finds she can't reach round far enough to pull her panties all the way down, so she needs help with this (the things we do for Bound2Burst!). She gains her much needed relief, but is then faced with a similar problem trying to wipe herself, and subsequently in pulling her panties back up. Is there no end to the requirements of a cameraman's job?

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3. A Day With Dixie: Part 3 - Wetting Herself While Being Carried (20 minutes 02 seconds)
The scenario here would have been one where a business woman is abducted and transported in the back of a vehicle to the kidnapper's hideout. She is lifted from the vehicle, complaining that she is desperate to pee and asking to be allowed to use the bathroom. The kidnapper secures her bound wrists to the back of a chair and later returns to make her drink a bottle of water, Dixie struggling frantically not to wet herself as she is being plied with liquid. Eventually, the bad guy is going to carry her to the bathroom, but what she doesn't realize is that he plans to carry her over his shoulder and squash her full bladder, just to torture her some more.

Additional comments: The scene where Dixie is lifted over the shoulder when she was really about to burst is the first time this has been tried on Bound2Burst. We were not even sure that Dixie would be able to go in that position, our physical conditioning being what it is. However, she had absolutely no trouble going at all - it came out in a great rush, just as one would imagine it should. Remarkably, none of it landed on the handsome chap carrying her. The only loss here is that the effect was partially masked by having Dixie wear too-long a skirt; a short one where the panties were visible would have been so much better. If we do this again, and we probably will, then it will be a short skirt for sure. Even though Dixie's suit skirt gets in the way some of the time, though, the scene still works, and you do get to see the pee streaming down her thighs.

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4. A Day With Dixie: Part 4 - Desperation Quiz (26 minutes 20 seconds)
It's the final pee video of the day and Dixie is truly exhausted. Nevertheless, she has agreed to a desperation strip quiz. She starts out fully clothed and with an uncomfortably full bladder, then must answer a series of difficult or unusual questions which she does not expect to be able to answer. Each time she gets an answer wrong, she must alternately drink liquid or take off an article of clothing. Her desperation building quickly (her muscles are very tired by this time), Dixie keeps drinking and gradually stripping. Her body language shows she is really in trouble, and when she receives the news that she can use the bathroom, relieve fills her expression. Alas, her hopes are dashed a few moments later when she is told she must sit on the toilet but not release her pee. Dixie sits squirming on the toilet, gritting her teeth and twisting her body around, doing everything she can to hold on just one more minute when every fibre of her being is saying PEE! After a few minutes of this excruciating torture, Dixie really can't hold it any more and releases another powerful jet of pee, her whole body sagging with relief as she finally empties her overfilled bladder.

Additional comments: While one may become desperate to pee every now and again, it would not naturally happen three or four times in a day. This is why the models become exhausted, especially when all that holding is coupled with sessions in bondage where a lot of physical struggling is required. It is surprising that they retain their good humour despite being put through so much torture in the space of just six hours.

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A Day With Dixie
A Day With Dixie
Part 1 - Build Up To An Explosive Pee
Part 2 - Full Bladder Crisis During Filming
Part 3 - Wetting Herself While Being Carried
Part 4 - Desperation Strip Quiz
Total time: 86 minutes
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