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1. Meet Carissa (30 minutes 31 seconds)
We introduce Carissa in the customary way we greet all new models - she tries on the various outfits she will be wearing later in the day, and at the same time she must cope with a full bladder and try not to wet herself, at least not too soon. Hopping from outfit to ourfit, Carissa manages to hold on for almost half an hour, no mean feat since she had consumed a large cup of coffee on her drive to us, and then drank water before and during filming. Carissa talks to us about some of her desperation and wetting experiences as she undresses and re-dresses, including an account of her most embarrassing experience of all time (not exactly pee related but arising as a consequence of needing to go). She says that the prospect of holding it for an audience does not make her nervous but actually quite excited to see how things turn out, not least because she has never done anything like this before. Happily, she did not freeze up when the moment of release arrived, but thoroughly soaked the pair of jeans she was wearing at the time. Welcome to the Bound2Burst stable Carissa, and may you have many more accidents with us in the future.

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2. Anything For You (11 minutes 47 seconds)
Carissa has just arrived home from work talking out how busy she has been and how she just didn't make time to go to the bathroom. She then endured a slow drive home, but rather than stop somewhere and empty her bladder, she says she held it because her husband likes to see her squirming in desperation. Carissa takes off her coat, unable to stand still as she fills the kettle with water to make tea. She holds on until she is ready to burst, then asks her husband if she has held it long enough. She runs to the bathroom and pulls down her panties and pantyhose before releasing a long stream of relief.

Additional comments: Imagine having a wife who comes home to you desperate to pee and then stands in front of you and holds it because you like to watch her struggling to wait. Carissa is single so you can always try proposing to her :-) Yes, I am kidding.

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3. Call In To Carissa (14 minutes 40 seconds)
Carissa is the host of a TV show called "Call in to Carissa" where she answers questions from call in viewers, and even agrees to do what they want her to do, within reason since she is on air. When caller Dave from Denver asks her to spend the entire show in her seat without leaving, Carissa she believes she is on to an easy challenge and readily agrees without thinking it through. She continues to chat about all manner of subjects and take calls as the evening wears on. About two hours in to the broadcast she admits that she needs to take a short break, but before she can leave the studio Dave from Denver is back on the line to remind her of his chellenge. Carissa agrees to stay put and carry on with the show, but she is clearly distracted now. Half an hour later, she has reached her limit and says she is sorry but she will have to break her promise and answer the call of nature. Dave from Denver is quickly back on the line offering to make a large donation to a charity in her area if she will keep her promise and not leave her seat. Impressed by the caller's philanthropic gesture, Carissa stays on air, but she is so desperate to pee now she can't concentrate on what she is saying. Overwhelmed by the pressure on her swollen bladder she wets herself in front of everyone, the pee shooting out between her legs in a noisy cascade. Carissa covers her face in embarrassment as she empties out on air.

Additional comments: This is just one of those fantasies that many people have written to us about over the years. Carissa did a fantastic job as the distressed presenter, and the pay off is the wonderful stream as she loses control.

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4. The Desperate Avenger (14 minutes 56 seconds)
Carissa plays the role of an agent who has been sent to bring in the bad guy. Alas, things go badly wrong when she tires to make an arrest; the bad guy disarms her and the tables are turned. He keeps her covered while he contacts his associates, asking them to send someone to come and clean up the situation. Meanwhile, Carissa is becoming very fidgety, and when asked what is wrong, she explains that she needs to use the bathroom. Naturally, the bad guy is not interested in helping her out so he forces her to stay when she is, telling her she'll have to hold it. As he desperation becomes more acute, Carissa tries to negotiate, asking what she needs to do to be allowed to use the toilet. At first, the bad guy says nothing, but then it occurs to him that he can turn this to his advantage and have a little fun with this woman while they await the arrival of the clean up crew. He says she can use the bathroom if she first takes off all her clothes. Carissa is naturally reluctant but her bladder is almost bursting and she feels she has no choice but to comply. She strips, then stands squirming and asking for access to the bathroom. Her captor says he promised her the bathroom, but he did not say how long that would be after she disrobed. Carissa is forced to wait even longer, now with the added humiliation of being naked. When she looks as if she might explode with pee at any moment, she is given permission to go. She makes her way into the bathroom, sits down and takes a long pee, her expression a picture of relief. Afterwards, the bad guy refuses to go away but wants to watch her wipe herself.

Additional comments: This movie contains approximately 7 minutes of nudity. Lovers of large breasts will be in hog heaven with Carissa's body.

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Carissa: Set 1
Carissa: Set 1
Meet Carissa
Anything For You
Call In To Carissa
The Desperate Avenger

Total time: 72 minutes
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