Candle: Set 2 Description
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1. Naked Wait 3 (22 minutes 00 seconds)
Candle stands naked and desperate to pee, this time on her own. She has a graduated cylinder nearby for when she can't hold it any longer, just to see how much pee she is holding. She drinks and squirms as she chats to her audience, wiggling and crossing her legs, doing her best to wait until she really has to go. Candle wants to see if she can pee more than she did in Holding Contest 17 when she went up against Shauna. To make her wait even more difficult, Candle keeps drinking more liquid throughout. We take a short break from filming part way through, and suddenly Candle is dying to pee. We resume at once, but Candle is really frantic to go now and has a hard time fighting the urge. She looks tense as she concentrates hard, struggling for just one more minute. She finally grabs the cylinder to put it within reach, tries to hold on a little longer, then rams the cylinder between her legs to catch the flow.

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2. The Burglar Made Her Wet Herself (15 minutes 03 seconds)
We again explore the theme of a girl arriving home desperate to pee, only to find a burglar in her house who will not let her use the bathroom. This time, the burglar is played by Jasmine who has a cruel streak when it comes to making other girls hold it. She makes Candle sit in a chair for a minute or two while she decides what best to do with her, then makes her stand up, and even stand with her legs apart. Jasmine pushes on Candle's full bladder several times, and to accentuate the woman's torment, she forces her to drink several bottles of water, holding her at gunpoint as she forces the liquid down. Absolutely bursting now, Candle is made to stand with her legs apart once more, pleading with Jasmine to let her go, but the girl refuses. When Candle loses control, pee gushes down between her legs in a curtain. The scene is filmed from behind Candle, the camera pointing between her spread legs to capture not only the falling pee but also Jasmine in the background watching the fruits of her torture. Candle kept peeing for a very long time, showing how acutely desperate she was to go.

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3. The Babysitter's Mishap (8 minutes 59 seconds)
Jasmine and her husband are going out and have hired a local babysitter (Candle) to come and watch over their son Peter for the evening. As soon as the couple have gone, Candle is on her cellphone to call her boyfriend, planning to tell him to come over and "make out" with her since the parents will be gone for three or four hours. The cellphone reception is poor, however, so Candle steps outside the front door to get a better signal. She is busy talking to her boyfriend when the door slams shut behind her. It seems the boy has shut the door, and candle realizes she did not put it on the latch. Locked out in the cold, she suddenly feels the urge to pee and bangs on the door, trying to coax the boy into letting her back inside. She goes to the window to his room and tries to get his attention there, but without any luck. Now she badly needs to pee and she has nowhere to go. She returns to the door, but at this point she can barely wait. Much to her humiliation and despair, Candle wets her jeans and is immediately shivering with cold. She has no choice but to call the boy's parents and admit to what has happened so that someone can return and let her back inside the house.

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4. Jasmine Keeps Candle Waiting (11 minutes 29 seconds)
Candle and jasmine have just finished a bondage scene, and Jasmine is released first. This is when Candle admits that she really needs to use the bathroom, so we turn control of the situation over to jasmine who, once again, has a lot of fun tormenting poor Candle. First of all, Jasmine refuses to let her use the bathroom unless she rolls around on the floor (with a full bladder) making farmyard noises. When Candle keeps insisting that she MUST use the bathroom, Jasmine helps her up but does not untie her. Instead, she makes candle hop to the bathroom, several times pulling her back using the rope leash she has left herself to play with. When candle does finally get into the bathroom, Jasmine announces that she is going to pee first and that Candle will have to watch. Candle can't believe it and squirms as she waits her turn. At least, it looks as if Jasmine is going to let her pee. She pulls down Candle's tights and panties for her, but each time Candle tries to sit on the toilet, Jasmine pulls her back up and makes her wait a little longer. Finally, she does let Candle pee, but continues to mess with her when she gets up. Candle looks into the camera and shakes her head. For all her shyness, Jasmine has a demon in her when placed in a position of power :-)

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5. Crossing the Line (8 minutes 02 seconds)
Candle has arranged to meet a work colleague at a remote location to discuss his misconduct at work, expressing her fears that he will get caught and that this will reflect badly on her. Candle tells him that she has no choice but to talk to someone about the situation, precipitating some rather drastic action from her colleage. He handcuffs her right wrist to her car door handle and takes her keys, leaving her stuck there outside a locked car. To make matters worse, Candle has a rather full bladder. She demands that he come back and release her, but her colleague leaves her to it. Worried about being overlooked by someone in the part, and too embarrassed to call out for help, Candle struggles against having to pee, hoping that her colleage will see sense and come back to let her out of the handcuffs. But he doesn't return, and Candle's desperation increases until she has no choice but to wet herself. Pee runs down her legs and flows away across the ground, making the back of her skirt wet. When she has finished, Candle stands upright with her back to the door to hide her accident. If her colleague doesn't return, she has no idea what she is going to do.

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Candle: Set 2
Candle: Set 2
Naked Wait 3
The Burglar Made Her Wet Herself (featuring Jasmine)
The Babysitter's Mishap (featuring Jasmine)
Jasmine Keeps Candle Waiting (featuring Jasmine)
Crossing the Line
(65 minutes)

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