Candle & Dixie: Set 1 Description
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This movie set is offered in both WMV and Quicktime formats. Both versions are at resolution 1280x720 pixels per inch (aspect ratio 16x9) and play at a birrate of around 2.5 Mbps. The Quicktime versions are sharp; the WMV versions are derivatves of these and suffer from some pixellation effects. PC users: if you want the play these higher quality Quicktime versions, download Quicktime Player from Apple ( - scroll down to find Quicktime 7.6 for Windows - at the time of writing the latest version, 7.7.1, does not download).

1. Candle's Audition (20 minutes 29 seconds)
This was Candle's desperation try out. She started out with an uncomfortably full bladder and, on request, began recounting numerous may well form the stories of real life desperation. She has a lot of them, and regards herself as a woman who somehow always manages to get caught in an awkward and embarrassing situation, from a bus ride in the desert, traffic jams, to an instance where she passes many dirty gas stations while needing to pee, fnally stopping at a service area only to find the ladies closed for maintenance. Candle's bladder expands while she is telling her tales of dire discomfort, making her fidget in her chair. After a while, the stories cease and the fidgeting takes over in a big way. Bursting now and trying hard not to wet herself, Candle holds her crotch, wiggles her legs and contorts her body in an effort to delay having to pee. Her body language throughout makes it clear that she is an excellent candidate for desperation movies, and she is offered the job to work with Dixie. Candle accepts with enthusiasm. You will see as this set unfolds that she actually enjoys being desperate and really has fun with it, even when her bladder is screaming out for relief.

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2. The Girls Arrive (13 minutes 47 seconds)
Candle and Dixie arrive for their first desperation shoot together. They were asked (as is customary) to drink plenty on their journey and to turn up as desperate as possible. Exploiting Candle's ignorance of how these things tend to unfold, the girls are kept waiting outside in the cold as a test to see how long they can wait. This is where Candle makes the mistake of admitting that she finds it much harder to hold on when she is sitting, so naturally she is asked to sit down on the top step of the stoop for a while. Dixie warns her not to admit to things like that, but it's too late now. Dixie says she is an old hand at this and does not need to be tested like this, but she is kept waiting just the same. The girls find standing around with nothing to do to take their minds off their full bladders very difficult to handle, and the talk keeps returning to how desperate they are too pee. Candle is the first to lose control, and this sets Dixie off. In the space of a minute, both women are standing together in pee-soaked jeans. By the way, those are Candle's own jeans; she didn't mind peeing in them on the understanding that they would be laundered before the day way over. The girls then peel off their wet jeans and panties before going inside the house. Things are off to a good start!

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3. Night Flight (12 minutes 29 seconds)
Candle and Dixie are airline stewardesses who have worked the overnight shuttle and have just arrived at Dixie's home. Candle has come in with her because she is dying to use the bathroom and can't make it to her home in time. Dixie is equally desperate (it was a long flight and neither of them likes using the onboard or airport facilities). When they arrives at the bathroom door, they find it locked! Dixie's house mate Greg is in the shower and getting ready for work. The girls bang on the bathroom door but Greg will not let them in (he is too used to being interrupted like this and ignores their urgent pleas). Candle and Dixie stand p-dancing, looking like they may wet themselves at any moment. Candle pressing her hand to her crotch and admits that she is damp. Unable to stand there any longer, Candle goes outside to bang on the bathroom window to hurry Greg along, but while she is reaching up to the window she loses control and wets herself, her hot urine streaming down both legs in a torrent. Humiliated, Candle re-enters the house and removes her soaked clothing, then walks naked through the house to tell Dixie what she has done, and to ask if she can borrow some clothes from Dixie to drive home in since she doesn't have any more with her. Dixie sends her off to look, telling her to leave before Greg sees her naked. Dixie struggles to carry on waiting, but will Greg emerge before she too has an accident?

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4. Let Me In Before I Wet Myself (8 minutes 50 seconds)
Candle is in the bathroom taking a shower when Dixie turns up bursting to pee and frantic to get into the bathroom. She bangs on the door and pleads with Candle to let her in, but it seems that Candle cannot quite hear what she is saying. She gains the impression that Dixie is going out, and candle asks her to get some milk. When Dixie persists with banging on the door and saying that she is really desperate, Candle says she is just washing her hair and can't quite make out what Dixie is saying. She says she will be finished in a few minutes. Poor Dixie is ready to wet herself and cannot continue stand outside the bathroom door listening to the sound of cascading water. Hand in her crotch, she hobbles outside, intent on going into the woods and hiding behind a tree to pull her panties and tights down and release all that pee distending her poor bladder. Before she can get to the trees, alas, Dixie loses control and wets herself. Pee streams down between her legs and streaks her tights. Dixie is mortified and really doesn't want Candle to find out. She creeps back into the house, taking off her shoes in the foyer. Before she can get any further, however, Candle appears wrapped in a towel and starts to laugh at Dixie's wet legs. Dixie knows she will never hear the end of this. With a modicum of compassion, Candle takes off her towel and offers it to Dixie to wipe down her wet legs, then departs still hooting with laughter while Dixie prepares to disrobe.

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5. Schoolgirl in Need of a Bathroom (20 minutes 45 seconds)
Candle has been summoned by the Vice Principal (played by Dixie) because she has been caught smoking in the lavatory. As Candle sits facing the VP, she fidgets in her chair. The VP asks her to sit still, whereupon Candle admits that she needs to make a visit to the bathroom. She is told that she should have used the bathroom for this purpose earlier instead of "lighting up". The VP fields and makes telephone calls as she considers what punishment to deliver. When Candle continues to fidget and demand that she be allowed to go pee, the VP threatens her with increasingly severe punishments. After Candle insults the woman, the VP comea round to the front of her desk and begins tormenting her recalcitrant student, making the girl suffer by making her think about how nice it would feel to empty her full bladder; what a relief it would be. Candle repeatedly asks to be excused but the VP is adamant, keeping the girl in her office. Finally tired of Candle's attitude, the VP makes her stand up and stand still, with disastrous results. Candle wets herself, creating a huge puddle on the floor. The VP makes the girl mop it up, but in the process Candle slips in her own pee and ends up sitting in it. As they wait for transport to take Candle to the school's detention area, located in another building, the VP goes off to use the bathroom herself (Dixie pees on camera), warning a very moist Candle to stay put in her office.

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Candle & Dixie
Candle & Dixie
Candle's Audition
The Girls Arrive
Night Flight
Let Me In Before I Wet Myself
Schoolgirl in Need of a Bathroom
(79 minutes)

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