Beverly: Set 16 Descriptions
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1. She Forgot Her Key Card (10 minutes 08 seconds)
On her way to work, Beverly suddenly realizes she left her key card at home, so she calls ahead to security, asking them to buzz her in when she arrives because she urgently needs to use the bathroom. When she gets to the side door of the office block and waves up at the security camera, however, the door remains locked. Beverly paces up and down in desperation, trying not to wet herself as she waits to be noticed and admitted to the building. She tries calling the number for security again, but this time it goes to voicemail. With nowhere to go and a bursting bladder, poor Beverly is unable to hold it and has a serious accident right outside the door. She can't go into the building now, even if security does not her; she must go home first to shower and change her clothes, especially her panties and skirt.

Additional comments: Beverly looked stunning in that red skirt, which she also managed to get rather wet when she peed herself outside the office building's side door. This sequence was filmed with two cameras, and the movie alternatives between middle-long shots and close-ups of Beverly's wiggling legs. The uninterrupted peeing filmed in close-up sequence is included at the end of the movie. Considering how long it has been since Bev last wet herself (deliberately at least), this was a spectacular start to the day. Viewers may also notice how fast she is driving towards the end of her "trip to work".

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2. The Incompetent Realtor (12 minutes 05 seconds)
Beverly is interested in buying a property, but the real estate agent is late and she badly needs to pee. When the realtor does arrive, he admits that he has forgotten to bring the key to the lock box, and he offers to show his client around the property while they awaiting the arrival of his assistant with the key. Beverly is far from pleased because she is extremely uncomfortable and bursting to pee. She wants around with the realtor, urging him to get in touch with his assistant and tell him to hurry up! This the realtor does, going to his car where he left his phone. While he is away, Beverly struggles to hold on but she is so desperate she wets her jeans, soaking them so badly that her accident can hardly pass unnoticed. Of course, no sooner has she wet herself when the realtor's assistant turns up.

Additional comments: Bev is wonderful as always as the irascible, long-suffering client whose discomfort is largely down to the bumbling idiot who is supposed to be facilitating her tour of the house, and not least the bathroom! There are times when if looks could kill, Bev would cut a swathe through the world. I would hate to be a real realtor on the receiving end of her wrath! She also giggled several times when the camera was off, which assured me I would probably make it to the end of the shoot alive.

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3. Desperate Travel Agent (18 minutes 21 seconds)
Beverly works for a very small travel agency; it's just her and her colleague Paul, plus a part-time secretary who works up on the next floor. Stuck on the phone with a client and really feeling the urge to use the bathroom, Bev is horrified when Paul pokes his head into her office to say that he is just off to lunch, and that she can watch the shop in his absence. Bev tries to stop him leaving without letting the customer on the other end of the phone realize what is going on, and fails hopelessly. Bev tries to last the hour until Paul returns, taking call after call and becoming increasingly rude to her customers. She even calls the secretary and asks for her to come down and take over for five minutes while Bev runs to the bathroom, but the secretary refuses on the grounds that she does not know what to do. Bev is naturally furious because she is now close to bursting. As the phone calls continue, Bev does her best to maintain her composure, but before her colleague returns from his lunch break, she has a catastrophic accident in her skirt. Pee streams onto the floor between her feet as she tries to hold a normal conversation over the phone with the latest customer. When Paul returns, there will be hell to pay for this!

Additional comments: This is one of those situations one always wishes would happen in real life! Happily, Bev's performance makes it all seem pretty real. There are a lot of shots under the table watching her crossing and uncrossing her legs, bouncing her knees, and rubbing her hand up and down the front of her skirt. Two cameras are used throughout and the viewpoint switches back and forth between above and below the table. At the end, the uninterrupted peeing sequence is shown twice, once from each view point.

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Beverly: Set 16
Beverly: Set 16
She Forgot Her Key Card
The Incompetent Realtor
Desperate Travel Agent
Total time: 40 minutes
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